Tuesday, October 07, 2014

Craft: Make Your Own Earrings!

I've always wanted to experiment on Fiber Bead earrings.

I guess it's a fun way to use the too many scrap cloth I can't bear to throw away!  Plus I know the earrings I create will be so totally different from any I've ever made!

First I gathered the tools and the materials:

assorted cloth scraps (I chose jeweled colors in silk and satin)
earring hooks
cutter (for jewelry making)

First choose the cloth you want to use to make into beads.

Cut up the cloth in 2 little pieces, in the same shape and size so that you come up with equally sized beads (unless you want to make an unequal pair).

Form a loop with the wire using one of the round nosed pliers.

Wrap the cloth around the wire, with the loop protruding at the top.

Wrap the wire protruding from the bottom around the fabric, using your own style (criss-cross, diagonal, whatever!).

Cut the wire wherever you can hide it (so the sharp point won't hurt the wearer).

If you want to use wax to coat the fabric, light a candle and spill the wax over the beads.

I wrote the word hope on a piece of paper, and glued it on to the bead. Then dripped wax over it again.

For my second pair, I didn't use wax, but I added an old bead at the end.

It's so fun to wear!  It's not heavy at all!  You can mix up the colors to add interest!

Well, I certainly came up with some unique earrings!!!

*This craft project was made by Patricia Paterno.  See more of her work at her Heartworks blog.

See more crafts at

Friday, October 03, 2014

Hope Art Inspiration

Words of inspiration undeniably lift our spirits.  What favorite sayings do you keep in the forefront of your heart?  The following words help us to hope in whatever circumstance we are in.

These images are original designs by Papemelroti artist Calej.

You may save these graphics for your phone and gadget backgrounds.  Please take note that these are only downloadable for personal use only.  No commercial use is allowed.

Robert Alejandro's Free Art Workshop: Oct 17, 2014

FREE ART WORKSHOP given by Robert Alejandro for one and all!!!

In commemoration of the International Day for the Eradication of Extreme Poverty, premier Papemelroti artist Robert started volunteering for ATD more than 2 decades ago.  The international movement ATD stands for All Together in Dignity.  Present in 32 countries, it aims to remove poverty through a human-rights based approach.

Who will be there? 
The workshop is for both kids and adults so everyone is welcome!

What will we do? 

Just have fun drawing!  We'll have fun learning how to make cartoons and caricatures.  It will also be related to what role you play in the community!   

When? After Lunch, October 17, 2014 (Friday)

Where? Rizal Park, Manila (at the commemorative stone marker in honor of victims of extreme poverty near the Japanese garden)

How to Join?  Call 5639312 for the schedule of events.




We Recommend: One Touch App

Imagine that one day you were given the latest model of a mobile phone.  It had all the features you've ever dreamed of.  It had GPS, state of the art audio and video, and even had the capability to be rolled up into a ball so it would fit in your pocket.

But wait, you still need to charge it for power and to hook it up to a network to get the communication features going.

Just think that we, each and every human being, are such marvelous "inventions" of the Creator. We have a multitude of skills to survive and adapt in a complex yet fragile ecosystem.  Yet, each and every breath is dependent on (whether we acknowledge it or not) the length of days God gives us.  He is the Source of our life and the Light to guide our path and direction.

To fully realize our capabilities and reach our highest potential, we need to connect to the Most High God.  He put us here and He knows what our purpose is.  He also knows how we can fulfill it.  He also gives us the "network" of other people to support us and lean on in this journey called life.

We're happy to recommend the One Touch App which we use to connect to Abba "Our Father" every morning.  The app has a delightful array of options.  We can pray, reflect, laugh, sing and listen.  It's developed by Ligaya Digital.

Get the One Touch App while it's free on:

Thursday, October 02, 2014

Recycling Raffle

Green is in!  Saving the earth's natural resources is everyone's concern.  We put a premium on things that are eco-friendly as these reduce our carbon footprint.  Even e-Jeepneys are all the rage!  We want to give away some of our things to you this month so you can show off your recycling skills!

One the prizes is an Easel Desk Art item designed by Papemelroti artist calej.  Let this reflective lady decorate your home.  Her image is on recycled wood!

We'll pick 2 winners this month so more chances for you to win!

Win this cutesy photo album made of 100% recycled paper!  It's got the Collage design out front with Papemelroti artist Patsy's creation.

You'll be doing the earth good by using this bag.  It's made of used signage material!

Of course you can get a head start on your 2015 schedule with this modern calligraphy styled Pocket Planner.  It's made of 100% unbleached recycled paper.  No harmful chemicals exuded into the environment during production of these paper products.  The color of the paper is all natural.

Have a lot of fun with the matching products that make up this set of prizes!  Win this picture frame (also made of recycled paper) and hand-painted pouch.

Put a pretty mix of buds on your hair to lighten up your look!  Handmade loveliness!

Here are the sets you could win!

Set A
Upcycled Bag
HOME Wooden Decor
2015 Pocket Planner
Handpainted Fabric Pouch
Spectacular Paisley Pendant

Set B
Fair Lady Easel Desk Art
Collage Photo Album
Collage Box with Ribbon
Collage Picture Frame
Tan Genuine Leather Wallet
Floral Headband


You need to answer one of these questions:

What have you recycled in the past? 
What do you want to see recycled in the shop?
Tell us how to recycle something.

***Take note: if we like your answer we'll feature it in our future publications (we will credit you of course)!!!

Put it on the Rafflecopter below:

You can get more raffle entries by doing the other tasks on Rafflecopter (optional) for example:

Add us on Google+

Subscribe to our YouTube Channel
Follow us on Instagram
Follow us on Facebook
Follow us on Tumblr

Submit your entries at our Rafflecopter above and get extra entries there too! 
On October 22 , 2014 (Wednesday) we are letting the Rafflecopter pick the winners!

Winners from the Philippines can have the prize mailed to them or picked up at one of our gift shops.  If you are not in the Philippines, you can still join but you'll have to pay for the shipping charges.

We will be contacting the winner via e-mail and will announce it also in our
next e-Newsletter so watch out for that.

*Winners must reply within 3 business days or we will sadly have to pick another winner.

Friday, September 12, 2014

Thank You for Helping Frank!

We want to thank you to everyone who donated appliances for Frank!

He is steadily rebuilding his life and it is largely due to the efforts of all of you that he is getting back on his feet.

Frank Llagas was a victim of circumstance.

One day he was repairing appliances at an office and then next thing he knew, he was being charged with raping someone.  He was not even at the scene of the crime!

The one who pinpointed him as the culprit told him that she would drop the charges if he paid a significant sum.  Frank didn't agree to that so he lost 5 years of his life behind bars for a crime he didn't commit.

Thank God Frank is now free due to the efforts of some of the volunteers who serve at the Quezon City prison ministry (some of whom are workers of Papemelroti).  More on that here

We highly encourage you to keep donating your broken appliances!  Drop them off at any Papemelroti branch as Frank still very much needs our support!

You can also help in sponsoring one Friday morning session!   The group ministers to the inmates by talking with them, providing spiritual nourishment and encouragement through a bible reflection.   You can come with the team or you may want to provide the snack food for them (like biscuits and juice).  Soap and other toiletry needs are also given.  To inquire on how to help just e-mail us at

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