Tuesday, September 01, 2015

How to Make a Flower Brooch

Today I am going to make a flower brooch. Here are some brooches I made some time ago.
I really like making them, basically because I use scraps-cloth scraps, buttons, ribbons, embroidery from old dresses, from Ukay ukay or flea market buys. I also like taking apart old jewelry and adding them to my brooches.

Here’s the first step. To make the flowers, just cut strips about 1” to 2” wide depending on the flowers you want to make. This will take some practice, but the more flowers you make, the better, because then you will have a lot to choose from when designing your brooch.

Fold your strip into three so that the frayed edges are inside.

Twist the end of the folded strip into a triangle, and wrap the strip around the triangle, twisting outward as you go around, to make petals.

This will require some practice but once you get it, you will enjoy making flowers from different kinds of fabric.

Here you have a flower formed from several twists.

Once you have a flower that you like, sew it securely, making sure the flower does not unravel.

Make several flowers using the same method. It would be nice to make some in different sizes.  You can also decorate the flowers using pearls or beads.

Look through your notions and find other embellishments you can use for your brooch.  I like to use ribbons, buttons, old jewelry that I take apart, embroidery from old dresses, chains, lace, etc.

Gather them together and audition how you would like your brooch to look.

I put some of the flowers and ribbons, laces, and other components together to see how I like it.

If I have a combination I like, I sew it on a piece of felt, making sure to hide the threads from view.

 Sew other parts of the brooch together, tweaking it as you go.

Here’s the finished product. If you have one of those brooch pins, sew it to the back.
If not, I just use a safety pin. Of course, if you mean to give this as a gift, you have to cover the back with another piece of felt by using a hot glue gun. There are so many kinds of brooches you can come up with, and it’s really fun to make!

ABOUT THE AUTHOR Papemelroti's owner and artist Patricia Paterno has been married for 21 years to a man with a good heart. They have one son who is as funny as his dad. She has been working in the family business since she was 11. When she gets home from work, she stays in her craft room and makes collages, scrapbook layouts, ATCs, and thinks of ways to re-use things normal people would throw away. Visit her arts and crafts blog.  She wants to be passionate about God's passions so she also made a blog, Hebrews 13:3, about their service in the QC Jail.

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Friday, August 28, 2015

Where in the World is Robert?

Newsflash!  For immediate release!

Artist in Europe is having a tremendously fun time!  He is intentionally getting lost in the old world cities, whether it is a tucked away hideaway or a bustling metropolis!

Robert Alejandro is one of Papemelroti's premiere artists.  Here he is in the Versailles, France.

Robert attended the P-Noise festival in Copenhagen which celebrates the Philippines' rich culture and art!

Sharing with you his postcards to friends!  This was done during his hopping from one city to the next.  Photo captions are his notes.

Drawing people I see in Scandinavia and turning the artwork into a 

The truth about this #diypostcard - I cut up my sketchpad to postcard sized pieces and found out I accidentally cut one of my drawings. No problem!  :) 

So many crows in Scandinavia! #diypostcard using watercolor and a white ink pen smile emoticon have a great day and thank you for all the likes, hearts and comments!

diypostcard from Scandinavia! I bring along a watercolor sketch pad (which I cut into postcard sizes).

I met the coolest scientist while backpacking in Istanbul. We talked about science collaborating with art :)  this is my #diypostcard sending to her in Paris  — with Mariana Tasso.

My #diypostcard from Finland!

I have never seen so many blonde blue eyed people in my life! Hello #helsinki ! #diypostcard

@msderossi - have you received my #diypostcard ? #mermaid

Where will Robert turn up next we wonder?

Thursday, August 27, 2015

Manila Hotel Food Festival

Picture courtesy of: http://www.manilapicture.com/

This September 2015, a lot of flavors are coming to tempt your palate at the Manila Hotel Food Festival!  

We are happy to note that two of our Papemelroti designers will be joining the festival as art exhibitors.  Patsy Paterno and Peggy Lasa's creations both have a Filipiniana theme that complements the theme perfectly.  

They've let us have a first look at some of their art.

See the work in progress of this art piece by Patricia Paterno

Fruit Vendor by Patricia Paterno

Here is Peggy Lasa's creation with the Mother and Child theme.

You may visit the exhibit from September 11 - 27, 2015 in front of Cafe Ilang Ilang, Manila Hotel.

To see more of our artist's work, visit their blogs at

2016 Planners Backstory

See how designer Robert Alejandro created some of our popular designs!

Good things will definitely happen this 2016!  

Cat with a Collar

Have a heroic year ahead!

A good reminder for everyone

A whimsical design that reminds us that inside, we are all the same age.

Meet the People Shapers!

What do you do with a single cylindrical shape, a brush and paint?

Make a community of colorful characters!

Papemelroti designer Robert Alejandro has turned a piece of plastic into works of upcycled art!

They each have their own personality and though they look as fun and as entertaining as a circus crowd, they come from all walks of life!

We don't actually know what to call them so keep posted to find out!

They are not yet out in the market but we would already appreciate if you let us know what you think!


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