Friday, March 01, 2019

Live Your Dreams Graduate's Giveaway

  • It’s graduation month for some, and for those still in school we want to encourage you all to keep going! 

  • Here’s all you have to do to win these encouraging items perfect for any student or graduate:

  • 1. Follow us on Facebook and Instagram (we’ll check!)

  • 2. Comment on the contest post here and tag at least 1 student you want to cheer on

  • That’s all! Contest ends March 28.

Thursday, March 22, 2018

Painted Meditations Workshop

These delightful ladies just finished their pages full of inspiration!

Patricia "Patsy" Alejandro Paterno shared her techniques for painting life-like images.  The participants were encouraged to use these steps to express your thoughts and reflections for the day.

The technique got them to almost instantly make beautiful images on top of text.

Everyone's art came out really well, thanks to some enthusiastic learners!

See you at the next workshop!

Make it Special

We've been personalizing products for half a century now!  That's a lot of products made just for you!  Weddings, christenings, birthdays, you name the event and we have probably made specially made items for it!

We want to share some new products and designs that you can now order!

Customized Paper Trim Booklets

These little booklets have all new designs that we are just sending out to shops.  They're white because they are recycled from discarded printing paper.

Size 4.25 x 2.75 inches / 114mm x 70, 50g

Only 40.00 php per booklet for an order of 50 pcs or more of the same design.

*Ask us about any changes to our templates.

Customized Full Color Poster Scrolls

Made of 100% recycled kraft paper, full-color print.  The posters come with stained palochina sticks on top and bottom.  This can serve as an invitation for an event or a giveaway for the guests.  Choose your design.  *Paper is not ideal to roll.

Size 7.5 x 11 inches
Minimum order : 100 pcs.
For 100 pcs. - total cost P3,200
For 150 pcs. - total cost P4,200
For 200 pcs. - total cost P4,800
For 300 pcs. - total cost P6,900

*Ask us about any changes to our templates.

We keep updating our templates so watch out for new designs!

Free Family Game

How many times have we had family gatherings where everyone is sitting in the same place but have all of our noses buried in a gadget?  We may be letting precious bonding time get away by virtually ignoring each other.  So let's do something to while away the time in a creative way and build treasured memories!

Instead of spending at least P1.000 on a new board game, why not make one yourself?  Doing the project together will also be a crafty challenge that everyone can participate in!

The game will have you coming up with some wacky looking faces.  You don't have to stick to the eyes, noses and ears we have made, you can add your own!

Once you've played this game, you can also print another set of face parts and use these to decorate your face!


Big metal can - We used a can of coffee with a space for 6.5 inch height x 19 inch width label.

Thin magnet sheets or little magnet pieces

Glue gun - or white glue should be ok.


Colorful paper - cartolina is big enough to cover the can - and you can choose whichever colors you like.  You can also download the background of the can we made here

White Marker - if you don't have this, you can just use colorful paper to delineate the face borders.

Foam or Cardboard - If you have magnet sheets on hand, you can paste the face parts on to the magnet sheets themselves so you don't have to get the foam/cardboard.

Face Parts - Download the face parts here


Step 1.
Start with a clean can.  Measure the size of the surface so you know how much paper you need to cut.

Step 2.
Paste the colorful paper onto your can using white glue or the glue gun.

Step 3.
Cut out small ovals of different colors and paste to the sides of the labels and then outline with white marker.  You can leave out the outlines if you can't find the white markers.

Step 4.
Download the face parts file and print out.

Step 5.
Cut out the face parts and attach to foam or cardboard to make them sturdier.  If you have magnet sheets, attach them directly on to the sheets and then neatly cut around the face parts to form the game pieces.

Step 6.
Attach the face parts to small magnets if magnet sheets are not available.  Now you are ready to play!

Let's Play!


Face parts

Game Mechanics:

  1. Put all the game parts on top of the can.  People can look at the parts they like and try to memorise where they're at.

  2. Everybody blindfold themselves.  No cheating.

  3. Everyone puts their hand on the can and turn it around clockwise for a duration of 5 seconds.  Take care not to let the parts fall off at the top.  If they fall, it will be part of the game to hunt for them!

  4. Once the can stops, people can get the face parts they want and stick on to the can!

  5. When everyone is done, you can all remove your blindfolds and see what happened to the face you made! 

You don't have to do this game all together as well.  You can do it one at a time.  Be sure to take photos of the nicest faces done!

Please do let us know if you liked this project and leave us comments on what you want us to feature next!

Monday, March 05, 2018

Painted Meditations Workshop

You are invited to the

Painted Meditations Workshop

Learn from Patricia as she shares her everyday routine for painting and prayer.  Integrate your thoughts and ideas with color and design to blend everything into a work of art.

Know how to draw beautiful images without art classes or years of practice.  Work with inexpensive materials and simple techniques to jumpstart your way to a creative life!

You don't have to do this on your bible!
This technique is good for scrapbooking, journaling and for decorating planners.

Join us!

Date: March 22, 2018  (Thursday)

Time: 9 am to 11:30 pm

Place: Papemelroti Artisan's Workshop
2nd Floor, Papemelroti Main Branch
91 A. Roces Avenue corner Sct. Tobias St.
Barangay Laging Handa, Quezon City map

Workshop Fee: P800
Early bird Fee:  P500  (if paid before March 17)

All materials will be provided at the workshop.

We accept payments at all Papemelroti branches.

More about the artist
Patricia "Patsy" Paterno is the "pa" in pa-pemelroti gift shops.  All her life she has been in the arts and crafts business and loves to do what she does.

Thursday, March 01, 2018

Free Downloadable Dingbats

We love fonts!  Don't you?  Sometimes creatives get to the point where their computers stop working due to an overload of fonts!  Don't go there!  But seriously, fonts can date or make your designs and they are constantly changing to keep up with the times.

We also love dingbats!  They make designs all the more appealing!  They are instant little drawings to insert into your letters, stationery and invitations to add more character to the look.  Sometimes you don't even notice they are there but they actually contribute a great deal into making your art work into something more special.

We are offering 2 free dingbats just for you!  These are limited offers so hurry!



Sorry!  This offer has expired.


This giveaway is available only until
12pm (Manila Time) on

March 12, 2018

These dingbats are free for personal or commercial use!!!  Isn't that great?

We hope that you enjoy using these dingbats.  Feel free to send us your work so we can feature them too!  Sharing is caring!

Which Notebook is Right for Me?

Papemelroti notebooks come in a lot of different designs and sizes.  Now we even offer a lot of blank kraft notebooks and materials due to the booming interest of Filipino artists and crafters with DIY and handmade things.

The first notebook was reportedly produced in 1888 and despite centuries passing, modernization and computerization of documents, the notebook is still primarily what we use today for jotting down notes and ideas.

So, unbeknownst to all, Papemelroti inside pages are not all the same.  They have different styles and usages.  Pick which one is best for you using our guide below...

See what's available now

Kraft Blanks Inspiration Board

This feature is about YOU!  We are so proud of what you've done with Papemelroti craft materials and want to share your work to the world and get more people inspired!  

@biennetiful used a white Uniball Signo pen to make this charming cactus design on Papemelroti Kraft paper.

Look at this simple, understated yet artsy wall hanging by @weednonah.  Notice the innovative way she emphasizes the stylish calligraphy with clean cut elements.  She ingeniusly engineered an interchangeable wall decor like this is made with a few clothespins, twine and paper.  Add a few more frames and you already get elegant decor for a party.  This technique can also be made into a greeting card or a gift postcard!

We love the torn effect that @jomiladrielle used on this project.  With a liner brush in hand, she made these name cards for an event.  Cool huh?

@breathingletters has great skill in sketching!  Here she generously shares what materials she uses - Unipin 0.6, Pentel Fude Touch, Zig Cocoiro, Sakura glaze white and Daiso brushpen.  She also sells her work online.

Have you ever tried embroidery on paper?  This could be your instant personalized gift!  Great idea and craftsmanship by @tinahisapapel 

@casem.adrienne is so creative!  She used Papemelroti kraft pads to make bookmarks!  Anyone can make these!  Even if you're not into lettering and calligraphy, you can make a keepsake for a friend.  So affordable too!

Thank you so much for using Papemelroti raw materials for your projects!  Keep them coming!

Get these products at Papemelroti shops and at the Artisan's Workshop.

Renewed Invite

Make this Lenten season life-changing by coming to the Renewed recollection events this March!

Lent is a great season - full of spiritual grace given to us as a gift from God and the church.  Let's not let it just pass us by.  There is much to learn and to share with others during this special time.

Come with your friends and family!  Open to all!
Merienda is provided.

This free series is care of the Pathways group of communities.

How to get there:

We are God's Garden Photobook

"Joy comes with the morning"  Psalm 30:5

What a lovely Saturday morning it was at the We are God's Garden Workshop with Patricia "Patsy" Alejandro Paterno. 

Patsy taught them how to make art in the most fun and easy way. 

To get informed of future workshops, follow Papemelroti on Facebook and subscribe to our features e-newsletter.


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