Friday, October 24, 2014

Livelihood Products

A kaleidoscope of colors, a sea of texture, a mix of sizes and shapes on a table.  People pass, linger and finger the delicate items.  They thoughtfully read the sign.

Illustrated by Robert Alejandro

A bright print of a hand-painted illustration stands as a sign among the selection.  It's characteristic of Robert Alejandro's work.  He drew a lady, a craftswoman pausing to look up from her beads, glue gun and other paraphernalia.  She weaves her magic for Papemelroti!

And here it is!  Picture this at Papemelroti gift shops all over.  It's our freshly set up LIVELIHOOD PRODUCTS section in every branch!

See the colorful mix of items from the different product lines.

Take a look at the very special product offerings that have been described as "Gifts that will keep on giving"!

Every time you purchase one of these products, you're actually supporting a small home-based industry.  You, though unaware, gave much needed help to a street mom, dialysis patient, prison inmate waiting for his case to be heard in court or someone struggling to make ends meet.

 We wish to give you our heartfelt thanks!  Consider this corner if you want to give a gift that will continue giving... giving life to someone in need.

"In everything I did, I showed you that by this kind of hard work we must help the weak, remembering the words the Lord Jesus himself said: ‘It is more blessed to give than to receive.’   Acts 20:35

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Matchbox Minnie

November 20 is the Universal Children's Day and we wanted to feature a craft that you and a little one can do together (and enjoy playing with after).  Here’s an adorable project to do with a little friend.

Let's begin!
1 - You will need a matchbox, scrap cloth. Needle and thread, cotton, a fine permanent pen, scrap paper, embellishments, acrylic  or fabric paints(optional).  The cloth should be of fine weave because we are making a small thing. Check to see if you can draw on it with the marker, and that the ink won’t smear.  First make a drawing of the size of the stuffed “pillow” on the wrong side. It should fit nicely inside a matchbox.   

2 - Sew around the drawing, leaving the bottom open.   Invert the cloth to the right side.
Stuff the pillow with cotton. Make sure the pillow fits the matchbox, and is not too stuffed, that it is hard to close the box. Sew the bottom.

3 - Let a little friend draw a girl, or an animal, or imaginary creature on the pillow with the permanent marker. 

4 - To decorate the match box, look for scrap paper, magazine pages, stickers, fabric flowers, etc.  Then help your little friend cover the box and embellish it.

5 - Be sure to include the inside of the box.

6 - And decorate the top too!  If you use magazine pages, you can make a collage and cut out letters to spell your friend’s name! Whatever comes out, make sure you say, “Great job!”

7 - If you have paint, you can also color it!

8 - Here is my matchbox friend!

Variations: You can also make two pillows attached with a cord. Two friends, or one could be a pet. Just make sure both pillows fit into the matchbox!  If your Matchbox Minnie is small enough, you can make a pillow for the head and a blanket. So many things to make with this project!  Have fun!!!

See more crafts at

Stress-free Christmas Shopping at Papemelroti

We want you to enjoy the Christmas season and not have to be harassed at the many errands, things to do and gifts you wish to purchase for friends and family.  To give you the best option for this, here's our suggestion.

1. Shop online for the products you want.  Usually we need corporate gifts for our officemates (the same token for everyone).  Since we at Papemelroti provide a wide assortment of products, it is best if you order so we can give you the quantity you need.  Visiting the shop before your office party is not a good idea as we probably won't have 20 pieces of that specific item you liked (in the price range you hoped for).  Gifts run out fast during this time so since we at Papemelroti make our own products, we can produce in bulk for you (if given enough time).

2. Waiting in line just isn't fun.  Your time is precious.  Instead of that, just browse the hundreds of product pages of to take your pick.  You can shop in your pajamas after or before the mall actually opens! We can actually personalize the items for you so it becomes even more valuable!

3.  We have thousands of products and new ones every month so sometimes you don't get to see everything properly.  At our site, you can see which items have just newly arrived.

4. You can either tell us you'll pick up the products at our shop OR have us ship them to you!  (Shipping costs apply) 

5. Have us package your gifts in different ways with our packaging options.  We'll have them ready for you to just write on the cards!

Here's our secret!  Give us at least 2 weeks to make new item/s you want that we don't have stock of!  Time starts now!  Visit us today at!

Tuesday, October 07, 2014

Craft: Make Your Own Earrings!

I've always wanted to experiment on Fiber Bead earrings.

I guess it's a fun way to use the too many scrap cloth I can't bear to throw away!  Plus I know the earrings I create will be so totally different from any I've ever made!

First I gathered the tools and the materials:

assorted cloth scraps (I chose jeweled colors in silk and satin)
earring hooks
cutter (for jewelry making)

First choose the cloth you want to use to make into beads.

Cut up the cloth in 2 little pieces, in the same shape and size so that you come up with equally sized beads (unless you want to make an unequal pair).

Form a loop with the wire using one of the round nosed pliers.

Wrap the cloth around the wire, with the loop protruding at the top.

Wrap the wire protruding from the bottom around the fabric, using your own style (criss-cross, diagonal, whatever!).

Cut the wire wherever you can hide it (so the sharp point won't hurt the wearer).

If you want to use wax to coat the fabric, light a candle and spill the wax over the beads.

I wrote the word hope on a piece of paper, and glued it on to the bead. Then dripped wax over it again.

For my second pair, I didn't use wax, but I added an old bead at the end.

It's so fun to wear!  It's not heavy at all!  You can mix up the colors to add interest!

Well, I certainly came up with some unique earrings!!!

*This craft project was made by Patricia Paterno.  See more of her work at her Heartworks blog.

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Friday, October 03, 2014

Hope Art Inspiration

Words of inspiration undeniably lift our spirits.  What favorite sayings do you keep in the forefront of your heart?  The following words help us to hope in whatever circumstance we are in.

These images are original designs by Papemelroti artist Calej.

You may save these graphics for your phone and gadget backgrounds.  Please take note that these are only downloadable for personal use only.  No commercial use is allowed.

Robert Alejandro's Free Art Workshop: Oct 17, 2014

FREE ART WORKSHOP given by Robert Alejandro for one and all!!!

In commemoration of the International Day for the Eradication of Extreme Poverty, premier Papemelroti artist Robert started volunteering for ATD more than 2 decades ago.  The international movement ATD stands for All Together in Dignity.  Present in 32 countries, it aims to remove poverty through a human-rights based approach.

Who will be there? 
The workshop is for both kids and adults so everyone is welcome!

What will we do? 

Just have fun drawing!  We'll have fun learning how to make cartoons and caricatures.  It will also be related to what role you play in the community!   

When? After Lunch, October 17, 2014 (Friday)

Where? Rizal Park, Manila (at the commemorative stone marker in honor of victims of extreme poverty near the Japanese garden)

How to Join?  Call 5639312 for the schedule of events.




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