Thursday, November 20, 2014

The Best is Yet to Come Giveaway

It's the Advent season!  (November 30 to December 24)
It's a time of waiting, preparation and hope!  It's a time to recall how Christ came to save us.  It's a time when we reflect on the year that has passed as well as the year ahead and be grateful.

During this season until Christmas comes, we are giving away prizes to make this time even more memorable.  They each have a dreamy, magical, nostalgic and sentimental feel to them (a lot like what we feel at Christmas!).

Now to show you what's up for grabs...

Here they all are!  Beautiful Eiffel and vintage-themed items from Papemelroti!

Let's take a closer look...

Eiffel Desk Clock

Feel the romance every time with this Paris-inspired desk clock.  Translated French words say "You are the love of my life and I will always love you".  Designed by Papemelroti artist Peggy.  Made of recycled wood materials.  Comes with its own box to protect the product.
Size 5.5" x 5.5"

Next prizes up next...

2015 Eiffel Wall Calendar
Each month has a mix of inspirational quotes that will bring beauty and wisdom to your every day.
Size 8.5" x 5.5"


Matching Eiffel Pocket Planner

You can use the small one for taking with you daily and the wall calendar for family events!

Victorian Craft Cut Sheet
Our Craft Cuts are best for decorating your scrapbook memorabilia.  They're made of 100%
recycled paper so you can help conserve paper in the planet.  Easy to handle and durable.

Eiffel Compass Necklace
with "Je t'aime" which means "I love you" in French.  Understated vintage theme that never goes out of style.

Vintage Handwriting Folder and matching Love Journal
Made of recycled paper.

Something more to put some shine...

Floral Chintz Ring
We love this originally designed piece by Papemelroti artist Calej.  It's a bouquet of flowers for your hand!  Adjustable ring size too!  Made of metal.

Chain Ponytail Holder doubles up as a bracelet!  Styled by Papemelroti artist Meldy!

Angel Wing Cellphone Charm
May an angel let your dreams take flight this 2015!  Individually hand-assembled with care.  Just attach to your cellphone!  Keeps the dust distant.


Eiffel Desk Clock
2015 Vintage Wall Calendar
2015 Eiffel Pocket Planner
Victorian Craft Cut
Eiffel Compass Necklace
Floral Chintz Ring
Chain Ponytail Holder - Bracelet
Angel Wing Cellphone Charm

Vintage Handwriting Folder 
Love Journal

It's so very simple to join!
Just fill up the Rafflecopter form below.

a Rafflecopter giveaway 

Submit your entries at our Rafflecopter above and get extra entries there too! 

It's got easy to do tasks such as tell us your first impression of Papemelroti (the company / the shop / the website etc).

*Be sure to really do the tasks as we check each and every one.

*Also make sure that the accounts you have are not dedicated to purely giveaways.  We will not count those.

*This contest is open worldwide but shipping costs must be shouldered by participants. 
The winner (if in the Philippines) can get the business pack via the nearest Papemelroti branch.

The contest ends on December 27, 2014 (Saturday).  We will be contacting the winner via e-mail and will announce it also in our January e-Newsletter so watch out for that.

*Winners must reply within 3 days or we will sadly have to pick another winner.

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Inkfest 2014

Robert Alejandro will be speaking about his work, travel, and "giving back" at INK FEST 2014!

Meet and greet him on the 29th of Nov 2014Saturday
10a Alabama QC. 
Entrance Fee: P50

Come - there'll be more speakers, art and more art!  please share and like if you like. 
Spread the word!  Thank you!

Artistory: Japan Diary


At this present time, we're closely following the adventures of Robert Alejandro, one of the premiere artists of Papemelroti.  He is currently hopping on a train to different cities in Japan!  Here are some of the pictures he has shared with us.  The captions underneath are Robert's descriptions of the photographs he took.

"There is so much to see in Japan (I am like a kid in a giant candy store) - I am having a hard time finding the time to sit and draw / paint. I had this moment to paint this. Many thanks to the deer that left me alone to paint."   #otoriigate #miyajima #japan #art_we_inspire

#otoriigate  #miyajima   #japan  #jrrailways  #art_we_inspire

"Do it yourself postcards sent back home! Nice brush pens available in Japan!!!!!!"

"Can't find the time to sit and draw in Japan an so I am just making postcards to send back home."

#oldjapaneseprintsdoingmodernstuff  #diypapemelrotiposrcards   #kraftpaper
#papemelroti  #uniqlo

Here is someone with Onigiri from 7-Eleven.  It's this seaweed wrapped rice with tuna and other types of food!

Old Japanese prints get to do modern stuff: this guy is using hair gel.

On her iPad. "I am going to miss japan."

Arigato Gozaimas!

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Childrens Crafts Giveaway

In commemoration of Universal Childrens' Day on November 20th, we're having a Children's Craft Giveaway!    

You'll win something for your favorite little person and don't worry, we have something special for you too!

Time spent making something with your hands is so fulfilling.   What more if you were crafting with a special little person.  It makes for such a happy memory!  Have you ever helped a child with their craft project?  Created a work of art with them?  We want to see and celebrate it this November!

Papemelroti has come up with these creative but simple-to-do projects that are so much fun and you can win them all!  We're giving away these wonderfully crafty prizes to a lucky child and adult pair!  Take a look!

Paper Dolly Kit
Make your own paper doll.  Dolly comes ready to cut with clothes, shoes and things. Includes design sheet, coloring book, crayons, rubber stamp and scissors.  Made of 100% recycled paper.

Craft Cut Sheet
Best for decorating your scrapbook memorabilia.  They're made of 100%
recycled paper so you can help conserve paper in the planet.  Easy to handle and durable.  Just cut and paste to decorate your crafts!

Star Craft Kit
Thread in and out to create this beautiful star pattern.  Frame or give as a gift!

Animal Puppet Kit
With these Animal Puppets, you can spark up your creativity in just a few minutes!  Graphic Designer Robert Alejandro made use of the traditional brown paper bag as the base and thick recycled paper for the animal parts.  Use your imagination to decorate with crayons, paints, paper cuttings, etc.  (Each set is available with or without coloring materials.)  Make your own puppet show and have a roaring good time!   Develop a child's drama and art skills while spending quality time with each other!  Made of 100% unbleached recycled kraft brown paper, an earth-friendly material! 

Robot Soft Doll Kit
Here's a project to keep those creative juices flowing!  Spend a happy day making this together and see what you'll come up with!  You'll have everything you need to make these adorable pieces.   Each kit includes: stuffed doll shape with design, 5 fabric paints (mix for more colors), apron, rag, paintbrush.  Box Size 10 x 10 x 1.5 inches

64 pages each of Papemelroti original themed goodness.  Size 4" x 4", 35g

The Little Book of Nature 
A charming book that lets you enjoy nature in more than 50 ways!  Develops an appreciation for the environment.  A perfect gift for nature lovers.  Every page has a outdoor activity, whimsical illustrations and an inspiring quote for young and old alike!

Another amazing book designed by Papemelroti artist calej.  Made of 100% unbleached recycled paper.

Super Earth Saver
Here's a book that will help you save a lot of money (and even earn some while you're at it) if you recycle plus get a chance to "save the earth" in your own little way. 
Breathe new life into a plastic bag, egg carton, oversized t-shirt or a pair of old jeans!  So many fun and easy-to-do projects whether you are 9 or 90!  This is the 2nd in the series of fun little booklets by calej. Made of 100% recycled kraft paper linerboard cover and unbleached readably clear kraft pages.

Friendship Fun  

A booklet with illustrations and ideas all done by Papemelroti artist calej.  She's also responsible for the look of "Something to Thank  About" and "Things I've Learned Before I Was Born", both authored by Nimia Gamol Yumol and published by Word of Joy Foundation.  The Papemelroti Book of Friendship Fun will surely bring a smile for you and for your friends!  Get your copy today!  Made of 100% recycled kraft paper linerboard cover and unbleached readable clear kraft pages.

Here are our prizes for the adult!  Sorry it's just for a woman.  If you're a guy then this would be a nice present for a special lady in your life.

Here's something stylish to wear!  Love these on your lobes!

We know you just love children so here is a pendant you can wear.  It's specially for moms but an aunt or teacher would love this too!  It's an originally designed Papemelroti product by artist Peggy.  It will be a keepsake token for years to come.

The lucky winner will get ALL of these!!!


1. Post a picture of something that you and a child made on Facebook or Instagram.  It can be a craft or painting you did together! (It doesn't have to be recent but it's better if it was).  *** It must be a PUBLIC post (so we can see it).  You can post it on both Facebook and Instagram.  

2.  Cut and paste the words below to share with your picture:

I'm joining the Papemelroti Childrens Craft Giveaway with 10+ Prizes! @papemelroti  @Papemelroti Gifts  #papemelrotigiveaway05

[You can add other words to this phrase so long as you cut and paste it in its entirety.  Cut and paste by highlighting the phrase above and then press CTRL-C to copy and then put your cursor where you want to paste the words then press CTRL-V]

3. Don't forget this very important step!  Tag your photo to at least 2 friends!  You can tag more so more will like it!

4. The picture with the most likes wins!

CONTEST ENDS November 25, 2014

We will be contacting the winner via your post and will announce it also in our
next e-Newsletter so watch out for that.

*Winners must reply within 3 business days or we will sadly have to pick another winner.

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Recycling Ideas

Contributed by Papemelroti Recycling Raffle participants

What can you do with an old CD, playing cards, tin cans and such?  Discover more than 70  ways to re-use your throwaways.  Thank you for sharing these ideas with us!  (These are the very best ideas from the Recycling Raffle participants from last month.)

We asked these questions:  What have you recycled in the past? OR  What do you want to see recycled in the shop?  OR  Tell us how to recycle something.  We got a lot of good ideas!  So good we want to share them with you!


1. I've recycled an old shirt. cut the sleeves then voila, a new sando for me:) - Abegail Madera

2.... mostly paper... we don't throw paper unless both sides have been used.  Papers that we throw are separated and given to our "labandera" (laundrywoman),  as she uses them for outdoor cooking "pang-ningas"  - Aileen Barcarse

3. A tree (bonsai tree) for display out of plastic bottle at its leaves and pot and the combination of "alambre" (wire) and copper wire as its trunk and branch. - Aaron Roy Publìcò

4. I have recycled paper, magazines, and foil wrapping before :) - Danielle Denise Celones

5. I've recycled my students' theme papers before. I used some of their best sentences to decoupage my box.  It reminds me that my students are talented and seeing their works make me really proud!  - Anaphora Satibañez

6. Recycling for me is transferring an old thing into a useful work of art.  By means of recycling, we can eliminate a fraction of our waste and the damage we brought to this planet. YES I have recycled things like soda bottles, aluminum cans, plastic bags, and even old car tires.  Since my early school days, I was taught to have a loving heart to the environment.  Now, as a teenager, I personally witnessed the consequences of our bad habits especially in waste management. Today is the not the time to blame each other's fault, but to help one another for the improvement of our society. RECYCLING can save us, RECYCLING can enhance our living, and mostly, RECYCLING is good for our development, and to the environment! - Arvin Cainila Polintan

7.... CD's with Playing Cards and broken chimes. I turned those into a new wind chime or installation. - Ava L. P. Haine

8... tires, because I have seen a lot of recycled tires but I know that you can make something else aside from furnitures - Bagel Betorin

9. I recycled chalk dust and molded it back to chalk as part of a school project. This actually made it to the science fair.  - Bali Nguynguy

10. I want to see old cassettes recycled in a shop. Something that gives the customers a strange feeling of wanting to hear the sound it produces before. Something music lovers would admire! :)- Betita Zuñiga

11. I recycle magazines.  I donate them to a friend who had a cool restaurant and they cut the pages loose to use as placemats. I also use them to cover my recycled notebooks and gifts. - Cathy Madueno-Bolodo

12. I've recycled the cans of my daughter's milk, painted it and reuse it as storage can for her pencils and other school supplies - Ccm

13. I recycle tissue holder as creative pens holders. i cut them in different heights, colored with crumpled paper (mache) and colored.  Enjoyed doing this with my 4 year old daughter, reneah. thanks! - Charina

14. I recycle the plastic bottles by reusing them at our office. The tissue board I use it to store the cable wire individually. - Che Tan

15. I've been making sketch books from old magazines. - Christine Joy Gonzales

16. I recycled an old jeans into a buddy bag in a shape of a guitar. - Cristy Silvestre Andrade

17. Most of what me and my family recycle is paper.  Since it is one of our most used commodity, due to school stuffs. We also collect plastics bottles, those we sell to junkshops so they can be the one to recycle them. I also recycle some of my old things, those that I dont usually use anymore, I try to think of other ways to utilize them. :)  - Dacely Rocaverte

18. I've been saving empty cans of baby's milk and wine glasses. I made a money bank using one of the cans. The rest, I used it as art materials holder. I also recycle boxes, decorate them and use them as gift boxes. I really enjoy making them. - Daisy Lopez

19. During college, I made a bag out of my old pants. Jeans bag were popular during that time. It's really fun to make your own bag out of recycled pants. Though to be honest, it's also hard because I sew it manually. We don't have a sewing machine.  When I finished making it, it feels so great because you've accomplished something amazing! I will never forget doing it. :) - Danica De Ramos

20. I have recycle some old clothes/ rags and worn out socks by sewing and stitching pieces together to make a waldorf doll. - Darielle Maurice Donato

21. ... papers! i never threw away my college handouts. i cut them into same sizes, compiled them, and used the back portion as a notebook :) - Dianne Red

22. I've recycled old notebooks where I removed the blank pages and putting them all together to create a new notebook with my own design.  - Elaine

23. Last year I had this old planner that I wasn't able to use, so for me to save money I still used it and just put some decoration on it and change the days in the planner. Recycling it help me save money and enjoy the moment of having an art. - Erika Dela Cruz

24. I always recycle chipped mugs or storage boxes.. add some ribbonds here and there and you've got yourself a new cute and colorful storage  box for just about anything. - Feng Manlapaz

25. I love arts and crafts.  If I have nothing to do, I look for some old newspapers or magazines and make a picture frame and pencil holder out of rolled paper magazines.  I have also made  paper lanterns and this serves as our decoration during christmas season.     - Feninna Manuel Arciaga

26. I think it would be interesting to see metal and plastic to be recycled, although it's probably a harder to process...  Recycling paper is already up your alley, and it's always a delight to see the art that you produce using these materials. I would like to see more scrapbooking materials in the shop, like recycled wrapping paper and cut-outs. - gabie

27. I want to see recycled embroidered hoops into something that can be hanged in the wall. - Genieve Tigson

28. I've recycled my old extra thesis documents since the back paper has no print, I used them as notepads. - Germie Florendo

29. Old jeans - turn into a ripped jeans!  - Henley Virtudazo Tabal

30. I have been fond of recycling and recycling papers thru Papier-mâché  has been one that I've been doing for the longest time. I've used one time to  make a Christmas Tree which was a competition in our school and our Department won 3rd Place :D - Jamillah Gabion

31. ... milk cans.. we use those used baby formula milk cans as plant pots instead of throwing it away - Jenie C Rosanes

32. I recently recycled a box turning it to a jewelry box. Here's a link  - Jenne Monfero

33. I always keep gravy containers and use it for other purposes. I put coins, or cut veggies, candies. Anything so I won't have to throw it right away.  - Jennifer Aguirre

34. How are you going to recycle something? The answer is pretty easy but may sound tricky. Recycling is breathing life into something that is worthy of being used again. In transforming something, you must be able to see it not as a useless waste but as a creative form that serves its purpose.Ingenuity goes beyond resourcefulness; creativity surpasses availability of materials. - Jin

35. I always do recycle recyclable stuffs such as papers, bottles, platics, cellophanes, etc. as long as its still useful. - JL Bac'z 

36. So far I have recycled cardboard boxes and bottlecaps and turnes them into toys. - Joan Z. M. Delgado

37. Turn old wood into wooden postcards! We postcard-loving people would LOVE that! :D Joyce Clemencio

38. I'd collected ballpens that ran out of ink and hot-gued them together to make plant pots! C:- Juan Dela Cruz

39. I've recycled tin cans into pencil holders before. :) - Julie Rimpula

40. I recycled magazine before. Each page of the magazine, I cut them into strips then I roll it and form a shape of bead. Afterwards, I sew them using a nylon then use some craft materials to enhance and look the key chain like a new one- Karole Nina Mandap

41. I recycled before a magazine and turned it into a keychain. I cut each page of magazine into strips then I roll it. At the end of the tip of the strip I glued it and form a bead. I sew each bead to form a design and made it a keychain. :) - Karole Nina Mandap

42. ... old shoe box turn into a kikay box i covered it with a wrapper from papemelroti. - Kikay Much Kristine Domingo

43. I've always been fascinated with the recycled box I always see when I get a chance to drop by on the shop. I want to see more recycled box with different shapes! :) Specially the heart shape, with it's different sizes. I want to  see more shapes like oblong, octagon, pentagon and many more!  It is a plus factor when I use those boxes when I'm giving a gift to a friend/special someone. They told me that the box is very cute, they'd really appreciate it and ask me where I got them. Hihi. More shapes, and sizes please! :) - Kimmeh Cruz

44. recycled in the past?  i recycled jars from mostly cheezwiz. i love to put kinds of things in jar. my creations came from pinteresing. haha. and also tin cans from a pint of icecream in yellow cab. for me its kinda useful. i love recycling stuffs and i use them, decorated them.  - Laine Gomez

45.  I recycled used illustration boards, pieces of printed cloths and ribbons to create a home made photo frames. sardine cans as pencil holders - Lei Creo

46. I have recycled boxes of pancakes and turned them into character bags for my little one. - Leovelyn Viñas Ramos

47. I used my old projects to make a scrapbook when I was in high school. I used the papers with printed words or pictures as a border.  I even cut it to make flowers, hearts and any design. Then, paste it in a colored paper. I even used the crumpled paper as a base or as a background.  I was able to reuse our magazines too to make a 3-D star.   - leslie anne rabino

48. I use the cardboard left in tissue rolls as pen holder, cable wire organizer, little animal puppets for my nice and nephews and even make a beautiful flower wall art - Lian Eloisa Martecio

49. In the past, we used to recycle dried Santan flowers and old crayons. We use those materials to make pretty bookmark by putting the dried Santan flower in a cut-out folder or cardboard and pour the crayon (melted) to the cardboard. Sometimes we put the melted crayon first and just press the Santan flower in the middle,  Santan flower in a cut-out folder or cardboard and pour the crayon (melted) to the cardboard. Sometimes we put the melted crayon first and just press the Santan flower in the middle, to make it look like emboss. We really love doing those as a kid because me and my cousin love books. - Maine Delima

50. ... Bottles turn into a piggy bank - Maria Corazon Letada

51. We usually use Pringles cans as containers for extra potato chips and snacks, but you can also use them as containers for uncooked spaghetti. - Marianne 

52. i still can't find a good way to recycle old CDs (in large quantities), i hope you can show me some ingenious way - - Mariecyl Valdez-Chua

53. i recycled beer bottle caps into charms! :) - Mariel 

54. I want to see recycled sala sets or dining sets in your shop. Llike mini chairs and tables for kids, recycled study table  recycled book rack and book ends, recycled jewelry or magic boxes.  - Marielle Megan Lazaro

55. I want you guys to have again the "machine" used in recycling papers. You used to have it but now, I can't seem to find one in your stores. i also recycle old boxes as an organizer to our different tools. - Mark Francis P. Eseo

56. i recycled empty pik-nik cans by covering them with gift wrappers to turn them into coin banks - Mary Jane Morandarte

57. I recycled the unused pages in my notebooks last year in able to create a new notebook for this year. - Mary Mariel Teodoro

58. i have recycled old phone directory (white or yellow pages) as a page for my scrapbook. o also use small colored wires as a spring to my scrapbook also. another is my family use an old pan to cover our outdoor fluorecscent bulb. with recycled bamboo lamp (sticks only) covered with clear plastic.  - Michelle Ann Nogar Jiongco

59. I have recycled many things in the past. But what really made me joyful was when I was able to recycle broken ceramic plates and incorporate it with some broken floor tiles to create a wonderful mosaic kitchen table top. It was a fun experiment and useful too! - Nancy

60. My most recent project was reusing toilet paper cardboard rolls. I collected around 10 pieces, cut them in half and connected them to one another in several rows using masking tape. I am using it now to organize our spice bottles and keep them upright in the kitchen shelf. - Norman Ray Villamayor

61. I recycle paper most of the time. I re-use the boxes whenever I can and use the back page of obsolete modules as scratch paper. i also bring old magazines and newspapers to the junkshop so they can maximize its use. - Olga C. Paguio

62. Old pens without any ink left in them can be upcycled to boxes or containers with enough adhesive, paint and patience. - Pamela Nery

63. I made a dreamcatcher made of old beads, piece of stem, old clothes, feather and string. - Raine Castro Andaya

64. I've recycled old clothes and re-purposed them into bags, headbands and Christmas ornaments. :) - Rengie Ann Bahia

65. i mostly recycle scratch papers into notebook pages, cake/food packaging to make scrapbook pages, i have used shredded paper for craft project embelishment.  - Rhen Estillero

66. I recycled an old book to a keepsake book which I was inspired by Papemelroti when I passed the store. - Rhoda Armea Pinsan

67. ... old newspaper - created a pencil holder out of it -  Ria Ramirez

68. In the past, I have recycled my notebooks from the past year. I would unbound my notebook, separate the used and unused pages.  I would then stitch the unused pages together to make a "new" notebook. I would use it for a subject or two for the next year in highschool. :) - Rob Mangahas

69. I recycled nice magazines and product brochures by using them as gift wrappers, i also recycle gift ribbons,   I make sure I keep the ribbons nicely rolled so next time i need ribbons for gifts,  ribbons all ready! - Ruthrimea R Ferriol

70. I have recycled makeup before. In fact, I still do it. My mom and i do. Makeup products can be really expensive and i don't even use them everyday so they end up expiring even if the container is still full! Cream pigments and products, i use for paintings and doodles. Powdered products, on the other hand, are magical.  :) Turn them into colored sand! The fact that they're sparkly makes it better. Use them for decorating cards or put them into tinybottles then add beads! They make lovely gifts for friends. And the best thing about those makeup products are the packaging. Oh. Don't get me started on how we recycle those compacts. - Sahjie Morante

71. Off the top of my head, I have recycled gift wrappers and used them again as gift wrappers, making sure they don't look recycled. I stash brown paper bags from stores and also use them as gift wrappers. I keep sturdy boxes that once store food items like puto and brownies, spruce them up and use them to store my accessories. We buy softdrinks by the case so we reuse the boxes to store stuff like old books, clothes and equipment. We recycle laundry water and use them to clean floors (had to be used soon as laundry water has a tendency to go stale and smell awful). We recycle bottles and plastic containers so we could use them to store candies, nuts, seasoning and craft stuff. We have recycled old, torn clothes into rags.   - Salmon Cat 

72. I want to see scraps of cloth that can be recycled as gift wrappers, or covers to scrapbook or notebooks :) I hink it will be a fun and innovative idea. - Samantha Miclat

73. Yes I have. I'm a preschool teacher and I showed them how to make different kinds of toys out of cardboard tissue rolls, and they loved it!  We made race cars, marble mazes, rocket ships, tiny monster figurines, and shakers! :) I'd like to see how else you can recycle old vinyl records, especially the ones that aren't playable any more, i mean aside from making them in to clocks. There must be other creative ways we can make use of them. :) - Thea Danielle

74. Scrap materials for our projects since we don't have sufficient funds to make them with new things. - Thomas Amparo

75. I am currently recycling old Starbucks Planner (Yr. 2009) as practice notebook for my calligraphy and watercolor drawings.  - Whe Garcia

76. I've recycled bottles in the past. I've used it as decoration. I removed the stickers from the bottle and decorated it with washi tapes. - Winnie Enrile

77. Not long ago I won a giveaway and my prize is inside a cute box. What I did was I picked my favorite color and design the whole box to make it more personalize then I glued a small mirror in the middle of the box and now Its where I put all my makeups to keep it organize. - Yna Bronozo
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