Friday, July 29, 2016

Owl-mazing Giveaway

Guess HOOOOs going to win this giveaway!!!  It might be you!  Give it a shot and see that it's so easy and fun to join too!  It's going to be OWLsome!

You don't have to collect owls to appreciate this month's batch of prizes!  They have so much appeal on their own or put together.

For your notes and reminders, this OWL RING NOTELET is easy to carry around.  

The LOVE HOO NOTEPAD is so perfect for thank you's and little messages.

The colorful OWL PAPERWEIGHT will take a load off your spirits every time you need to keep some paper in its place.

This OWL WALL HANGING will keep watch over your home and dispense words of wisdom whenever it's asked to (just kidding!).

Let your RUSTIC OWL FIGURINE accent your living room, bedroom and garden.  Made of durable resin and individually hand-painted in a very current speckled fashion.

Coordinated desk items add a touch of style at home or at the office.  The OWL DESK MAGNET BOARD has 3 matching magnets to hold up pictures, notes, reminders etc.

The OWL PLAQUE ON EASEL STAND will be very complimentary.

Having an OWL COLLAGE BOOKMARK will save your page in such a creative way!

To cap it OWL off are some paper products: OWL STATIONERY and OWL FULL COLOR NOTEBOOK - all made of 100 % recycled paper.




Fill up the form below.  Be sure to give us the right e-mail address so we can contact you if you win.  This contest is open worldwide!

Thursday, July 28, 2016

DIY Owl Collage

We love owls, don't you?  They're smart and they don't talk too much!  They've got their eye on you (even at night) and best of all, they're so cute!

With a little time and effort, you can make something plain into something fanciful!  Just make them Owlsome with this super easy to do activity.  This is the perfect project to dress up your notebook and get motivated for school!  See what else you can make of it!

Here's how:

1. Get your full color printer ready and get a thick type of paper like Oslo.  Make sure the paper is printer ready.  Usually these are mentioned on the paper packaging.

2. Cut out all the shapes neatly.

3. Paste these on to your kraft paper in the right order to form the owl.

Make more things from this template and it will all be matching!  You'll be able to make your own Owl Paper Collection that you can personally use or give away to someone who appreciates DIY projects.

Your envelopes are surely beautiful with this design.

Make OWL your things look just OWLsome!!!

Newest Branch! SM Taytay!

The newest branch of Papemelroti is set to open August 1 of this year!  Finally we are in SM Taytay and we are excited to serve you with our newest product offerings there!

We've got a lot of cool products for the kitchen!  Look how nicely they look all together!  These will put a little more love into each meal!

You'll see a lot of our inspirational, motivational wall products to help get you going every day!

We know you love to travel so check out our adventure wall!  You'll remember every exciting trip you've ever made just looking at these wall items!

So don't forget to drop by our SM Taytay branch opening on the first day of August and tell your family and friends to come by too!

We are located at the 2nd floor, building A across from Surplus shop and near the Food Court.

Tuesday, July 05, 2016

Spotted on Appetite

We absolutely love the surprise of seeing Papemelroti products in homes we visit and even new restaurants we visit.

This month, our Family Rules Wall Plaque was used in Appetite magazine's Heart and Home feature.  It's the perfect companion in your kitchen!

Check it out on Page 75

Want to order this plaque?  Send us a message at

Friday, July 01, 2016

WaterColor Contest

--------  Congratulations to Ms Christine D. Coloma for winning!  She had all the right answers and a random number generator picked her!  A big thank you to everyone who joined!  --------

Water is an essential part of us (70% actually)!  Water heals, water sustains, water refreshes, water cleans, water is life!  Water helps bring color into our products!  See the many different ways the watercolor effect inspires!

We are giving away a bubbly mix of items that will surely tickle your fancy.  They are all in soft tones with positive sayings rendered with stylish typography.

The deco poster, magnets and corkboard are both made of recycled wood materials and the notebook and stationery are made of recycled paper.

Win these, mix and match them and fill your life with whimsical hues!

Up for grabs are ....

Adventure Long Wall Deco Poster
Do All Things with Love Notebook
Sunset Tassel Keychain
Dream Big Coin Bank
Start the Day with a Smile Half Pad
Make Memories Last Corkboard
Just Believe that You Can Bag Holder
Colorful Canvas Bag
Act Justly Magnet
Seek Hope Dream Magnet
Think Good Thoughts Hardbound Journal


To win these delightful products, just match the designer to the product!  The more correct answers you have, the more chances that you'd be the winner!



Who designed PRODUCT #1: Happy Mom Figurine?

Who designed PRODUCT #2: Quill Rustic Bird?
ANSWER: Robert

Who designed PRODUCT #3: Everything You Can Imagine Deco Poster?

Who designed PRODUCT #4: If You Don't Know Deco Poster?
ANSWER: Isabel

Who designed PRODUCT #5: Today's Advice?

(Enter only once!)

Contest ends July 26, 2016

This contest is open worldwide.

Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Newest Papemelroti Branch is at SM Clark!

Good news! We have reopened at SM Clark just this June 22, 2016!

Some of you may know that we were at this branch years ago.  We were requested to move due to SM's rezoning phase.  Since the new space for us was not appropriate for our requirements, we had to close our branch there.

We are happy to be back!  

We are located at the ground floor, next to the SM Department Store entrance.

We hope to see you soon!

Featuring the Doll Kit

Introducing a product that will surely amp up your creativity skill set!

It's not surprising that this geometric shape-themed doll is the work of resident "imaginator" Robert Alejandro!  Aside from using recycled materials in this project, Robert allows us to create something beautiful!  Bore a hole at the bank and it becomes a coin bank!

The papemelroti DIY doll can be enjoyed by children and adults alike.  There is no limit to how you can also decorate the paper mache doll shape.  You don't have to stick to the standard design given enough time.

Each kit contains:

Doll Shape
Book Paper



Assemble a boy and a girl for your collection!  So fun to do with children!
Size 5.25 inches height

98php or $2.80 each

Craft: Note Roller

Do your receipts automatically go to the trash bin?

According to Huffington Post, " Over 250 million gallons of oil, 10 million trees and 1 billion gallons of water are consumed each year in the creation of receipts for the United States alone, generating 1.5 billion pounds of waste."

We always need to take down notes - when we are on the phone, when doing the grocery list etc.  
Before we start using receipts as basketballs and our trash cans as nets, let's take a look at this useful project!

What you need:

toilet paper cardboard tube
wrapping paper or washi tape
wooden clothespin
white glue
box (about 1 inch bigger than the cardboard tube on top and bottom and close together to the tube at the sides)

Hailey, our glamorous kitty wanted to learn how to make it too!


1. Cut the cardboard tube to the size of the receipt.

2. Tape the receipts together to make a long long piece.

3.  Roll the receipts on the cardboard tube tightly.  Set aside.

4. Wrap the box in wrapping paper or washi tape.

5. Bore a hole big enough for a pencil.

6. Put it all together!  Last step is to put a clothespin on the pencil point to prevent anyone hurting themselves with the point.  You can also try using it as a lever to help unravel the receipts from the box.

It's certainly a nifty little thing to keep around the house!


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