Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Join our Scrap Pack Contest

Calling all Scrapbooking lovers! We've got a pack for you with an assortment of goodies for your latest scrapbook project. Even if you're not an enthusiast, it's time to learn so you can preserve your precious memories in a unique way. Click here to get the chance to win

The prize includes 3 pcs Craft Cuts with different themes for decorating the pages, 1 pc Scrapbook with Travel cover design and our latest release 1 pc 2010 Wall Calendar with the Good Ideas theme.
Everything is made of 100% unbleached recycled paper.

New Papemelroti Products!

  • 2010 Wall Calendars Now Available #7004-24 and -25 Live Life to the Full Calendar with inspirational quotes to get you going and #7004-26 and -27 The 2010 Good Ideas Calendar with a lot of practical tips for the themes for each month of the year. Size 10" x 12", 300g. Full Color: P49 / $1.40, Blank Ink Print: P39.75 / $1.14 View

  • Pencil Pads come in new designs! They're so handy with all original Papemelroti designs. These are ideal giveaways for Christmas! #215-350-1 Very Important Person, -2 Floral (blank), -3 Jeepney, -4 All Things are Possible, -5 We may not have it, -6 You are God's materpiece. Made of recycled paper. P24 / $0.69.
  • Papemelroti Paperdoll comes ready to cut with clothes, shoes and things. Includes 2 sheets and a pair of scissors. P49 / $1.40
  • Square Letters with holes for stringing as a bracelet or to add onto to scrapbook covers and decor. Made of durable resin. P8 / $0.23 each. Twine costs P2 / $0.06 per yard.
  • More products at our shops! Click here to order or inquire.

Our Thanks to Teachers!

If you can read this, chances are, you've been taught by a teacher.

Teachers have a lot on their plate. They make their lesson plans for the whole year, keep records on each student, correct test papers, keep updated in their subjects and most of all conduct voice-vanishing informative lectures! Teachers have to be creative and patient for the most inquisitive minds and they have to make learning fun!

William A. Ward said, "The mediocre teacher tells. The good teacher explains. The superior teacher demonstrates. The great teacher inspires." Let's honor a teacher this month! Happy Teacher's Day on October 5th!

Here are some ways to appreciate (and maybe encourage) the teachers you meet and know:
  1. Give an apple. Long ago during the American pioneers, there were no gift shops or malls where people could buy gifts so they gave apples to their teachers. It's also a way of wishing someone good health due to the age-old adage "An apple a day keeps the doctor away".
  2. Write a letter or note of thanks detailing how he or she has helped you or your child. It will surely inspire them to be even better teachers! Send a copy of the letter to the school administrator. Post your favorite teacher's accomplishments on websites and blogs to honor him or her.
  3. Help a teacher by decorating their homeroom or by brightening up or cleaning up their office!
  4. Plan a surprise party for your teachers! Have them relax and destress after a hard day at work! Instead of them organizing what the children will do, pack their afternoon with fun games and activities!
  5. Honor these extraordinary and exemplary teachers! Using colored seeds, Mr. Benjamin Martinez made mosaic paintings and taught this skill to help many indigent students. Mrs. Lourdes Matan of Calbayog City, despite their school's lacking resources, made her own learning materials that were later adapted by the other schools in their city. Mrs. Gemma Cortez launched an environment program that made their barangay one of the cleanest in Cavite. They are only some of this year's Outstanding Teachers Awardees, a search conducted by Metrobank foundation. Click here to read more

The "Bayanihan" Spirit of the Filipinos

Our country is on the road to repair as the floodwaters have just gone down, after being unexpectedly ravaged by typhoon Ondoy.
In these moments, we hear so many stories of courage and heroism. Truly the Filipino "bayanihan" spirit has not been watered down as Rescue Drop-off centers burst with volunteers and donations amounting to millions.
Thank you very much for all the donations that have been given via our branches throughout Metro Manila. These will be given to GMA Foundation, Montalban areas (through He Cares foundation), and other Metro Manila areas (through Tahanan ng Panginoon) At present, donations for relief goods (no cash or perishables) are still accepted.

  • You can still help - We are still urging everyone to join forces in doing what we can, where we are with what we have for the victims of Typhoon Ondoy. Donations for relief goods (no cash or perishables) are still accepted at all our branches. Click here for other donation centers If you're abroad, you can donate here

  • PAWS opened its doors for homeless cats and dogs that were affected by typhoon Ondoy. They need donations of petfood or shelters with roof. Click here

  • Tuesday, September 01, 2009

    Win a Book or Notebook!

    Congratulations to the Winner of our Shiny Shinies Contest!
    from New Jersey, USA!

    Thank you to all those joined this contest. All the links will let others know about Papemelroti and our fun contests!
    Fairywinkle, our fortunate winner said
    "I love Papemelroti! It's an early birthday gift for me that will surely become one of my favorite jewelry pieces! Thank you soooo much! ♥ "

    She won: a one of a kind piece! The rectangular accent has a fish and flower collage design depicting a play of land and sea.

    Added are heart, emerald, wreathe and fish beads all strung on a faux silver chain.

    This is an interesting mix of materials that you can match with practically any outfit! Designed specially for this contest by Papemelroti Artist Meldy!
    See the past entries here

    Click here to join our newest contest!

    2009 September Papemelroti Updates

    - Educational tours are now being conducted at Papemelroti via the Teatro Lakbay, an educational tour company. The story of Papemelroti is dramatized to students in a fun way! For interested schools, call their office at 932-7818 to 19 and look for Clint Pijuan (0917-302-1669) or click here.

    - Our SM Fairview branch in under renovation to serve you better! Starting Sept. 1, 2009.

    - The Sweet Life TV show guests Robert Alejandro, one of our Graphic Designers while doing a demo at Trinoma Mall.

    - Papemelroti's Patricia Paterno is giving a talk on Integrating Christian Values in the Marketplace with various speakers on Sept. 17 at Hotel Intercontinental, Makati City. The theme of the conference is LINKS: Responding to the Challenges of Today.
    Reseller's Corner:

    New Products from Papemelroti

    • #21-144 Weekdays Magnet Board with Sunday o Monday button magnets for every day of the week! Remind yourself of deadlines, events or birthdays by jotting down notes for each day! Whitewashed board matches any room. Convenient and practical! Size 10" x 12", 300g. P369 / $10.55. View
    • #280 Blank Frames for Projects and Scrapbooks are made of paper but look like wood! #280-11 (Size 7.5" x 6", 30g) - P16 / $0.46, #280-9 (Size 4 7/8" x 3 7/16", 20g - P10 / $0.29, #280-10 (Size 2.125" x 2 7/8", 10g) - P7 / $0.20 each.
    • #131-2293 Native Floral Arrangements in 3 complementary designs. Tall and modern in style. P129 / $3.69
    • #1067-1 God Bless Our Home Wall Clock in a larger size. Size 15" x 7.5", 280g. P698 / $19.95.
    • #274-27 Jute Boxes are handmade from natural materials. These are perfect for storage of small keepsakes. Size 2" x 4.25" x 4.25", 110g. P95 / $2.72. Also available are Basketweave Boxes #274-34 Size 4.75" x 7 5/8" x 4 5/8", 270g - P129 / 3.69. #274-33 Size 5.25" x 5.25" x 5.125", 230g - P95 / $2.75. #274-45 Size 3.75" x 4 3/8" x 4 3/8", 40g - P69 / $1.98 each.
    • #274-41 Banig Basketweave Scrapnotelets are handy and useful gifts. Size 4 5/8" x 4 5/8" x 3/4", 110g P49 / $1.40 each. Also available are Jute Scrapnotelets in 2 sizes: #274-39 Size 3 5/8" x 3 5/8" x 3/4", 70g - P32 / $0.92. #274-40 Size 4.5" x 3 7/8" x 5/8", 85g - P49 / $1.40.
    • #245-7 Dragonfly Hook made of metal, handpainted in black. P49 / $1.40.
    • More products at the stores! Click here to order or inquire.

    2009 Grandparents' e-Newsletter

    Dear Friend,

    Grandparents sort of sprinkle stardust over the lives of little children. - Alex Haley

    Life moves too fast sometimes. Before you know it, the year has passed and you hardly spent time with your grandparents!
    One special grandmother was treated not so long ago with a "miniature party". She liked collecting miniatures and had a whole cabinet of them.

    To surprise her, the family opened up her dollhouse and decorated the rooms with balloons, a cake and even miniature greeting cards all over!
    Then they blindfolded her and led her to the cabinet to see the little party going on!

    This was such a meaningful and unique way of celebrating who she was to them... I should know, she's my mother!

    This year, what would surprise the grandparent in your life?

    Happy Grandparent's Day on September 13th!

    Grandparent Treats!

    Here are some fun ideas to make your Lolo or Lola feel loved!

    1. The best gift you can give them is quality time. Whether it is shopping with Lola or chess with Lolo it will surely make their heart glad! To make the day more special, cook their favorite dish!
    2. A scrapbook with their favorite memories would be a wonderful gift. Gather letters and e-mails from family and friends (a page per person) and decorate it with their pictures, magazine cutouts or drawings. Have them write their fondest memories with your grandparent. Poems, prayers, wishes, stories, inspirational sayings and jokes are also nice entries. Start this early and give a deadline to everyone so it can be finished by Grandparent's Day! From the little children, have them draw their grandparent instead. Click here for some hints
    3. Record a lot of greetings for your grandparents (even from total strangers)! Record it on a CD for them to hear over and over again!
    4. Make a Keepsake Prayer Box where you collect prayers from everyone and present it to your grandparents! Click here Give Lolo and Lolo their own website! Easy to use interfaces are on Multiply, Blogspot or Facebook. They will be able to connect with other seniors and share their wisdom with the world. They can also log on to for lots of ideas on grandparenting!Make a story of your grandfolks life! Dramatize it using a video camera and upload it on YouTube! You can also cartoonize it using a free service online.
    5. "Fancify" a portrait of your Lolo or Lola? Make an old photograph of theirs into retro style and frame it! Use this neat site You can also ask an art student to do it for you for a minimal charge. You can also use some black paper and cut out a silhouette. Instructions here


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