Thursday, November 05, 2009

Tell us what fills your heart with Gratitude!

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Congratulations to the Winner of our Scrap Pack Contest!

Ella BaƱez, our blessed winner from Cavite, said..."Thank you very much and more POWER to Papemelroti! "


  1. Dear papemelroti!

    My heart is filled with gratitude when I see simple acts of kindness.
    When a young man gives his seat in a bus to an elderly or a pregnant lady.
    When I see someone share their food and clothes to the less fortunate.
    The sight of a newborn baby cuddling up to her mother, feeling so secure in the arms of her parent.
    And even just seeing a rainbow after the rain fills my heart with so much happiness.

    I followed your blog with the username: Lena (

    Contact me at
    Posted by Lena at 5:13 AM

  2. Knowing that my family is happy and blessed always fills my heart with gratitude. I would forever be thankful to God for giving them to me; I have a loving and a responsible husband and two beautiful children (I just gave birth two weeks ago so we feel extra blessed)... These are the blessings that I would always be thankful of, I couldn't ask for me.

    I followed your blog with the username: almark71498

    Please contact me through my email address: or through my number: 09282353033


  3. my heart is filled with gratitude whenever friends find time to comment on any of my random postings on facebook... just to show they will always be beside me no matter how babaw or serious i get.

    I followed your blog with the username MayBaez.

    I can be reached at or via text only 0917 207 8079.

    Have a nice day!

  4. Nathan9:09 AM

    my heart is filled with gratitude whenever I made a simple difference in the lives of people around me. Be it listening to their silly stories, a little chit-chat, or accompanying them as they hurdle through great pain/sorrow.

    I followed your blog with the username: Nathan

    You may reach me at

  5. My heart is filled with gratitude every time I wake up in the morning. I am thankful to God that He gives me another beautiful day to start with, giving me the chance to be with the people I want to be with and to help others as well.

    I am following your blog with the name: ilynlopez

    You may reach me through mail:

    Thank you! More power!

  6. It fills my heart when i found 2 newly born puppies left in our street. That was 3 months ago, and now they are both healthy & playful!!!

  7. Dear Papemelroti

    I grow up in the Philippines with my grandparents. And now I am living in the United Kingdom with my mom.

    My grand dad died and even though I was really disheartened by it my heart is filled with gratitude and happiness is because I know whererver he is now, he will be very happy seeing all of us continuing to live our life.

    And if i win this contest i would like the price to be mailed to my grandmother in the Philippines. So she can feel that she is not alone and we are here for her.

    Thanks for the opportunity to join. I just saw this contest today and I'm gladd its not yet too late for me to be in.

    I follow your blog with the username: ericka929

    You can reach me at:

  8. Each day is a blessing and a life worth living. I am always thankful for every single moment spent with my family and the people who means so much to me.

    I followed your blog with the username: czaroma

    Contact me at cza.roman(at)yahoo(dot)com

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