Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Father's Day Craft

Father's Day this year is on June 17,2012.  Plenty of time to make a special gift for Dad to cherish.

Here's an easy craft that you can make in half an hour or less (if you have all the materials on hand).

What you need:

acrylic sheet (recycled from used packaging of gadgets and such)
cardboard with white side
thin point permanent pen
design (you may download the ones here)


1. Decide on how big you want your coaster to be.  We like the size 4" x 4".  Make a design which fits into this size.  You can make a collage or letter or picture of dad or you may download and print out our designs here instead (see below).  Just right click on the picture and save in your computer.  Print out and you may also sign it somewhere to personalize.

For rock star dads, here's a grungy type design -

Or for a courageous Dad

2. Using the permanent pen and ruler, mark the corkboard with a 4" x 4" square.  Next use a pencil to mark out the same measurements for the acrylic sheet and the cardboard.  We like cutting near the edge so you can use the scraps for other projects!

3. Spread a thin layer of glue on the cardboard (white side up) and also on the bottom side of the Dad design sheet.  Glue to each other and then glue both of this onto the cut corkboard squarely and neatly.

Note: The cardboard is so that the brownness of the cork won't seep through to the Dad design since you're using a thin paper sheet.  If you printed the design on some hard light colored paper, then possibly you can do away with the cardboard.

4. Glue the acrylic sheet on top to seal it from dust and moisture, otherwise it will have liquid stains whenever Dad uses it (uggh).

Friday, May 25, 2012

Back to School 2012

It's back to school once again in Papemelroti!  Don't just study!  Study the eco-friendly way!  Use these 100% unbleached recycled paper notebooks and help save those trees!

One ton of paper made from recycled fibers instead of virgin fibers saves 17-31 trees, 7000 gallons of water, 380 gallons of oil. It eliminates 3 cubic yards of landfill material, keeps 60 lbs of air pollutants out of the air, it conserves 4000 kWh of electricity, and results in 74% less air pollution and 35% less water pollution. Making recycled paper requires fewer chemicals and bleaches than making all-new paper.  The 17 trees saved can absorb up to 250 pounds of carbon dioxide from the air each year, protecting the ozone layer.

It's also really GOOD to buy locally made products!

Remember that when we buy locally produced goods, we not only help our country’s economy, and help small businesses thrive, we are also reducing how much pollution we are causing because we cut down on fuel costs, lessening the greenhouse gas emissions.

*These are the newest Back to School products from papemelroti.  If you would like to see more of these latest items, click to www.papemelroti.com/newprods.htm

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Picture! Picture! Contest! Contest!

Join by simply sending a picture of your wall or desk with a Papemelroti product and win P1000 Papemelroti gift certificate! 

The item must be either for the wall or desk (for example: a plaque, figurine or cellphone holder - not jewelry or paper products).

Contest Link

You can join as many times as you have products.  If you have a plaque, a figurine, a clock and a metal wall hanging, that's 4 entries - and you must submit the image link for each product picture.
Submit your entries at our Rafflecopter and get extra entries there too!  

Open worldwide!  

Contest ends June 26!  

Wednesday, May 02, 2012

A New Forest Giveaway

Papemelroti moved to a new forest tucked away in Makati.  Have you seen it?  It's got a carabao, a squirrel, birds (even a hornbill) and an owl family.

This design was hand-painted by Papemelroti designer Robert Alejandro using black and blue fountain pen ink.  Incidentally, Robert didn't even use a pencil to outline this design.  It just came alive, just like in a real forest!

Do you know where you can find this new forest?  We'll give you a clue.  It's somewhere in Makati City. 

If you can give us the floor and area where it is located (not just the mall name), you can win a Large Clock with the forest theme seen here.

Something like this (but the exact look will be a surprise!).


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