Friday, August 31, 2012

Fabric Collage Mirror

 This craft project, a fabric collage
(for want of a better term!),
was made for a local TV show,
They wanted me to demonstrate an 
arts and crafts project.
It will be shown Sept. 4, Tuesday next week,
8 pm on GMA NewsTV.

 This can be used to decorate a mirror,
a frame, a blackboard,
or even a frame on a scrapbook, etc.

First you have to cut out pieces of cardboard
in the shape of your design.

I am making a girl, but this can easily 
be a cat, flowers, a baby,
stars, books, a basketball.
It really depends on where 
you will put the mirror or frame,
or whom you will give it to!

 Next you will cut out some fiberfill 
in the same shape as the cardboard.

 Cut out fabric with a little margin
in the same shape as the cardboard.
Afterwards, use the glue gun to attach the fabric
to the cardboard,
with the fiberfill in between.
Make sure that it is well shaped.

 Here I am auditioning the pieces to see
how it will look.

 For the hair, I did not use cardboard
and fiberfill.
I just pasted the cloth on a piece of paper,
cut out the shape and attached it with
hot glue on the back,
and the bangs on the front.

 I used moving eyes, and made drooping eyelids.
I cut out the nose from the same fabric
and lips from a pink fabric.
I used a sort of soft leather for the face,
but if you are using fabric that easily frays,
you may paste the fabric on paper
before using it for the nose and eyelids.

 Here is the part I like!
Adding embellishments!

If you are making a stand up mirror,
you will have to put a strong 
cardboard backing to make the head stand.
If you want the mirror to hang
on the wall,
then a paper backing will do.
Attach eye hooks to the back of the mirror or frame
to hang it on the wall.

We appreciate your comments
and I know it takes time and effort,
so we'll pick one comment next week 
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This one says
"Don't forget to wear your invisible crown."
It's one of my favorite designs
(of course that's because it's mine!!!) 

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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Amazing God Video

This beautiful video was created by Jabby Teotico.  He himself is an amazing young man, being a liver transplant survivor.  

Jabby says "Hi everyone! I'd like to share with you this short video project I made for my CL class. It is also my way of thanking God for His INDESCRIBABLE goodness."

The artwork seen is by Papemelroti artist Patricia Paterno.  See more of her style at her Heartworks blog

If you liked the video, kindly press "LIKE" on Jabby's Facebook link here.  He would really appreciate it.
Read all about the Papemelroti artists here.

Friday, August 24, 2012

We are God's Garden!

My aunt turned 96 this month
and I wanted to make her
something special.
I found an old frame in my stash of "junk".

I paint a lot of backgrounds and I chose one to 
use for my framed picture.
You can also use cardstock or wallpaper scraps,
or whatever paper you have lying around.

I cut up the paper to fit the backing of the frame.
Do not glue it down yet!
Then I also chose a contrasting color to cut out
for a flower shape, a green piece of paper for the stem
 and another small piece for the center of the flower.
 Next I looked for a button.

I think sewing always adds a bit of whimsy
and I like hand sewing better than using a sewing machine!
I sewed on the button and added
stitches to the stem.
 Now here's the part some of you will say,
"But I don't know how to draw!!!"
My sister Peggy says that she learned 
how to draw by tracing!
She said that if you trace faces often enough,
the muscles of your hand will remember
and eventually you will know how to draw faces!!!
So if you don't know how to draw a face in profile,
find a picture and trace it!

Of course I always encourage you to draw your own face
because there is a certain charm to imperfect faces!
Look at Picasso's lopsided faces!

Next step is to paint the face.
I like the Bible verse about we being God's garden or field.
(1 Corinthians 3:9)
I believe we are all God's flowers and blooms.
This is what I wrote for my aunt:
"We are God's garden
and you are one of the blooms."
Use a permanent pen
like Pigma Micron Pen.

If you don't like your handwriting,
you can always use a computer,
cut out the words and paste it on.
But like sewing,
handwriting also adds charm,
and your personal signature
to anything you make!

Here's the finished piece,
all framed
after gluing it on to the frame back.

A lot of times we don't have the time to make something!
Here are some flower themed products
where you can add
"We are God's garden,
and YOU are one of the blooms!"

Hide the note inside this pochette!
Put the message on a stick
and attach it to this wreath.
Here is something you can add any special message to!
And how about writing the words on 
on the squares of this tic tac toe set!

All products above may be found at

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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Surround Grandma with Love!

This is the second of a series of projects 
made out of Kitchen Clay.
After you have made a batch,
use a sculpey mold and make faces.
Of course you can also make your own face
by making an oval and painting the face in.
Bake the face in an oven toaster
making sure it does not burn.

 When face is hard, paint it with acrylics.

 Put some shading.

 Here is the frame I will use to display my doll.
You may use the backing of the frame,
cardstock, or a background you've made yourself.
I like painting backgrounds and keep a stack of it,
 so that is what I'll use.

 Choose fabrics for the clothes and veil of your doll.
It should match the background you've chosen.

 Try out the cloth and see how you would like to arrange 
the veil....

 ...and the dress.
Cut out a toilet paper roll to form the base of her dress.
Wrap the cloth over the toilet paper roll base
and attach with a glue gun.
 Make one arm out of the toilet paper roll
and cover partly with cloth, 
leaving the end uncovered to show her hands.

 Here she is with her veil and dress.
Put a bunch of flowers in her hand.

Then I wrote a quotation around her.
"Mothers hold their children's hands
for a short while,
their hearts forever."
I have learned to like my handwriting,
and I hope you like your writing too!
Handwriting adds a lot of character to a project! 
Instead of a quote, you can also
surround her with your children's names
to personalize it.

September 9 is Grandparents'Day.
This can be a great gift for grandma, don't you think?
Write all her grandchildren's names
to surround her with love!

Would you like to try making this in time
for Grandma?
Tell me in the comments if you'd like
a chance to win a couple of faces!

You may want to see 
other do it yourself projects at
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Saturday, August 11, 2012

God is LOVE

There are as many ways to express love
as there are languages and dialects
and symphonies and songs.

Each person has his own way 
of saying, "I love you.
You are special.
I value you!"

Of all the gifts God has given,
the most perfect is LOVE.
It does not ask anything in return.

And among God's best gifts are 
the people who love us,
support us, encourage us in our common journey.

One of my favorite quotations is from Mother Teresa.
"Not all of us can do great things.
But we can do small things with great love."

But what is love?

Love is a precious blessing.

Love is forever.

Love isn't love till it's given away.

Love isn't love till it's shared.

In 1John 4:8 we read that God is love.
Love is a person.
His love is unconditional,
We've heard this so often that sometimes
we think of it as the refrain in a pop song.
But this is a revolutionary idea
in other cultures and places and times!

I am reading a book about the time of 
Hezekiah, when they worshipped the god Molech.
Fathers would sacrifice their first born sons 
to the fires of Molech!
Why would the Hebrews who had a personal God
who showed His face to them,
turn away to a false god who demanded
such a impossible sacrifice?

How about us?
Do we turn away from a God of love
and run after the counterfeit joys other gods can offer?

Success, beauty, wealth, 
fame, popularity....
Don't let any of these be your god!


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