Surround Grandma with Love!

This is the second of a series of projects 
made out of Kitchen Clay.
After you have made a batch,
use a sculpey mold and make faces.
Of course you can also make your own face
by making an oval and painting the face in.
Bake the face in an oven toaster
making sure it does not burn.

 When face is hard, paint it with acrylics.

 Put some shading.

 Here is the frame I will use to display my doll.
You may use the backing of the frame,
cardstock, or a background you've made yourself.
I like painting backgrounds and keep a stack of it,
 so that is what I'll use.

 Choose fabrics for the clothes and veil of your doll.
It should match the background you've chosen.

 Try out the cloth and see how you would like to arrange 
the veil....

 ...and the dress.
Cut out a toilet paper roll to form the base of her dress.
Wrap the cloth over the toilet paper roll base
and attach with a glue gun.
 Make one arm out of the toilet paper roll
and cover partly with cloth, 
leaving the end uncovered to show her hands.

 Here she is with her veil and dress.
Put a bunch of flowers in her hand.

Then I wrote a quotation around her.
"Mothers hold their children's hands
for a short while,
their hearts forever."
I have learned to like my handwriting,
and I hope you like your writing too!
Handwriting adds a lot of character to a project! 
Instead of a quote, you can also
surround her with your children's names
to personalize it.

September 9 is Grandparents'Day.
This can be a great gift for grandma, don't you think?
Write all her grandchildren's names
to surround her with love!

Would you like to try making this in time
for Grandma?
Tell me in the comments if you'd like
a chance to win a couple of faces!

You may want to see 
other do it yourself projects at
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  1. Thank you for sharing your charming project at Potpourri Friday at 2805!

  2. What an adorable idea! So glad you came by to visit me at my blog and join my party!
    Blessings, Doni

  3. I love it, what a fantastic idea! Thanks for sharing at The Fun In Functional!

  4. Well, I would never of thought to do something like this - how amazing, the finished product is just...unique and something I'm definitely going to try.
    Thanks for posting this and I just love your blog.
    Happy to now be following you and looking forward to more of your posts.

  5. What an interesting post. You certainly came up with a very creative idea. Nicely done.

  6. Patsy, that is so lovely!

  7. Patsy this is such a sweet project. So great to remember grandparents day, too.
    Thanks so much for linking up at I Gotta Create! <3 Christina

  8. The details of the faces are really something. You definitely have a talent. Thanks for sharing with Share Your Cup. I am now following you.

  9. Your projects are great, especially this one! Thanks for sharing!

  10. This is beautiful! :)

  11. Anonymous3:16 PM

    Woowww!!! very artistic idea. i love it really.
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