DIY Christmas Glitters

I love finding uses for stuff that usually end up
in the garbage dump!
When a TV show called up
asking for a tutorial for 
Christmas Decor
from recycled materials,
I thought of the ubiquitous water bottle.
 Plastic water bottles comes in 
different shapes and sizes.
This one has rings all around
and I decided to cut along the ridges.
First you have to use a cutter to make a slit
and then you can cut around with a pair of scissors.

 When I was done cutting up 
making sure that it was a continuous "garland",
I cut out some stars from another water bottle
that did not have those ridges and other designs on it.

 To make uniform stars, I made a pattern then
cut up the stars with the pattern underneath
the plastic. Easy! 

Then with a needle and thread, 
I attached the stars to the garland.

Then comes the messy part.
I forgot to take a picture because 
my desk was full of glitter!

 You need white glue, a brush
and glitter of your choice.
I chose gold,
but you may prefer silver, red, 
blue, etc.

First you brush glue on the plastic,
then pour glitter over it.
It's a lot messy but the results are 
well worth your time
and the cost is minimal!

 There are a lot of designs you can make-
this one is a square
which you can even put a picture in,
if you like! 

 This one is like an earring-
I cut out 3 squares of different sizes
and sewed them together,
putting a knot between the squares
to make sure it 
doesn't scrunch up together.

This one is from a ring of a large bottle,
rolled up twice and sewn on top.

 Here it is on the tree.

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  1. Wow what a really interesting blog this is. You're shop looks fabulous. I've just scrolled down miles to look at all your wonderful creativity. Just beautiful.

  2. Ooh; I love the garland-y one! What kind of glue did you use?

  3. If you hadn't shown that is was a plastic bottle I am not sure I would have believed it! I love the strip with the stars dangling from it!

  4. Very innovative and I love it. A must for the "copy cat" file. Thank you for sharing it.

  5. Thank you for this. You gave us some idea to save for this Christmas. You use the recycled bottle to make some decorations for the Christmas tree.Great idea.

    Philippine Christmas 2012

  6. Get out! You did what? I can't believe it. You are amazing. This is such a great idea. How creative.
    Thanks for sharing

  7. Wow! Gifts like this would sure make the Christmas celebration merrier! hehe

  8. I love your innovative idea, very crafty.. Thanks for sharing!

    Christmas Decorations

  9. lovely, crafty.. very easy to make. i like these


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