Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Scrapbook Set Giveaway!

If you've never tried your hand at scrapbooking, now is the time to start.  Papemelroti's Christmas giveaway is a Scrapbook Set that will help preserve your memories for years to come.

See what items are up for grabs!!!

The items are all coordinated with the Adventure Theme.  Great for travel photos!

This handmade paper kit is re-usable and can make textured paper out of your old used paper.

Included in this pack:

10-Compartment Organizer
Each Moment Handcrafted Tags
The Easiest Handmade Paper Making Kit
3-Drawer Adventure Box
Bless this Earth Rubber Stamp
Adventure Notebook
Friend Sticker
Quotes Sticker
Adventure Bookmark
Adventure Bound Notebook
Always Remember Scrapbook Ornament
Assorted Craft Cut Pieces
Ellipse Scrapbook Ornaments
Adventure Spiral Notebook
Believe Craft Cut Sheet
Today Craft Cut Sheet
Cutout Kraft Letter Sheet
Adventure Medium Scrapbook with Matching Paper Bag

All of these products are made with 100% unbleached recycled paper!  This means no harsh chemicals were released into the environment and of course, no trees were cut down to make these products.

To win this set, all you have to do is make an ATC out of any art materials you can use. You can use our Craft Cut sheets like below (or any material for that matter).

What's an ATC?  A-rtist T-rading C-ards are just miniature art.

They can have any theme, style or done with any material.  Just take a picture, post on our contest page, tag it with your e-mail address and you're in!

The standard size of an ATC is 2.5 x 3.5 inches or 6.4 X 8.9 cm.
For more about ATCs click here

 This piece below was made by cutting out the shapes on the Craft Cut Sheet and pasting it together one on top of the other.

Sample ATC

*You don't have to be an artist or professional designer to make an ATC.  You can use the collage technique (like in our sample above) using old magazines or photographs.  It can be about anything you like!

We're excited to see what you will make! 

Make as many ATCs as you want, the more you make, the more chances to win!

Please don't be shy!  Upload your pictures on our website - click here

Deadline for submissions is January 20, 2013.  *Winners must reply within 7 days or we will sadly have to pick another winner.

*This contest is open worldwide but shipping costs must be shouldered by participants. 
The winner (if in the Philippines) can get the business pack via the nearest Papemelroti branch.

Sunday, November 25, 2012

My Memorabilia Christmas Tree

My Christmas tree at home is a little scraggly
but I love it!
I call it my Memorabilia Tree
or my Scrapbook Tree.
There are lots of pictures hanging on it.
Every year I add more-
it's definitely not one of those shiny, sleek
and beautiful trees!

Here's one I made in about 15 minutes-
all you need is either paper or cloth,
cardboard, a glue gun, some ribbon and embellishments.

Cut out the paper into the shape you like.
This one is round, but you can have square,
oval, or even a Christmas tree or star.
If you want to use cloth, be sure to 
use a mix of half and half white glue and water
to attach the cloth to paper so it's more stable.

After putting the picture in the frame,
glue a piece of cardboard to the back,
making sure to put a ribbon, twine
or string in between to hang your frame.

This fabric frame is one of my favorites.
I spent some time embellishing it
with embroidery stitches and fabric cut outs.

This is kid's play!
Cut out a tree shape and add dots!

A fancier version.
Let your kids help and let them
 decorate using sequins and beads.

This one is made using our papemelroti

Another one I made using Craft Cuts.
If your pictures are too precious to cut up,
like this one of my mom and my sister Peggy was,
just photocopy it.

And this one is made using Kitchen Clay.
See the recipe using baking soda and
cornstarch here.

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Friday, November 23, 2012

Venturing into Advent

For many of us, Christmas is a frenzied time of shopping, parties and gift giving.  Spending time in quiet reflection may be a luxury for some.  Here are some things even the busiest person can add to Advent to bring in more of the blessings of the season.

- Advent begins on the first Sunday Dec. 2, 2012 and it is a time of preparation for Christmas.  Before family meals, pray "Prepare our hearts to have more of you Lord".

- Sing Christmas carols in the car during traffic.  The ride will go much faster.

- Decorating your home with your family is a good time to share the meanings of each symbol. 

  • The Christmas tree is evergreen symbolizing hope.  Being cut down and raised year after year, the tree reminds us of Christ's resurrection.
  • Ham is served at dinner to celebrate the triumph of good over evil.  The slaying of wild boars of olden times represented God's victory over sin, death and the enemy.
  • Bells are used to signify joy and celebration.  During Bible times, Jewish priests had bells on the hem of their clothing.(Exodus 28:31-35) Jesus' coming shows us that He is our High Priest who took upon Himself our sins so we can come close to God.
  • Candy canes have the shape of the Shepherd's staff.  These help us call to mind how Jesus is the Good Shepherd.
  • The Gingerbread Man was shaped and baked, just like we are created in God's image.
  • Christmas bows and ribbons signify the brotherhood of man bound together in peace through Christ's coming.
  • Snowmen under the heat of the sun represent icy, stony hearts that are melted by the knowledge of God's love.
  • Red and green colors surround us at Christmas time.  Red reminds us of Jesus' blood shed on the cross for love of us.  Green, on the other hand, the color of leaves, plants and grass represents life. Together the colors reflect God's life given up for us so that we may have eternal life.

- During travel, as you see the twinkling lights all around the metropolis, imagine yourself looking at the star guiding the magi to Christ.  Think of your destination as a place where you will meet God (in the people, place, situations that you will face).

- While wrapping your Christmas gifts, say a blessing or a prayer intention for the person receiving that gift.

- When preparing meals for parties and reunions, meditate through your actions.  While mixing different ingredients, think of how you can more peaceably walk with others.  While heating the food evenly, think of the attention you are giving your children (or younger friends), if all their needs are being met. 

- For every concern that crosses your mind, replace it with a grateful thought.

- Allot one meal as the "thinning dessert" time.  Instead of having dessert that night, save the cost of the dessert and give it to someone needy.

- When in the grocery, grab some cookies or packed biscuits and store them in the car.  Spread some cheer to a beggar through these simple offerings.

- Every morning when thinking of what to wear and going through your clothes, take note of the those items you never get to wear. Put these in a nearby bag.  When the bag is full, donate to a nearby shelter.

- Cooking for the family?  Make a bigger batch for people who serve us every day - the street sweeper, police, security guards, etc.

What do you do during Christmas to make it more meaningful?

Friday, November 16, 2012

The Easiest Way to Make a Journal

My journal is all filled up
and I decided to make my own
to avoid what happened here!

I folded some 8 1/2" x 11" kraft and white papers
in half.

Then I punched holes in the folded papers
with a two hole punch.

Here are the papers for my journal.

Next I looked for an old leather jacket.

After putting the pages through two rings,
I auditioned the pages on the leather I cut from the jacket.

I then sewed the rings on to the leather,
making sure to sew on both sides of the screws
so that the rings won't fall off.

I then found a long piece of leather from 
the sleeve portion of the jacket.
I made two slits on the cover and inserted the strip of leather.

I then sewed some buttons to hold it all together.
I also used a glue gun to keep the strip in place.

I now have a journal to put my reflections in!
And it only took less than an hour to make! 
If you want to see some of my drawings 
and read my reflections,
come and visit me at HeARTworks.

Of course, if you don't have the time or inclination
to make a journal,
you can always drop by our stores 
and find some really nice ones!

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