Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Make Your Own Bible or Journal Cover

If you use your bible often, write on your journal regularly or re-read favorite novels and such, then you're familiar with tattered, sometimes tea-stained covers.

This easy to do project is for you book-lovers and writers who'd want to get more mileage out of your journals and books by letting it "wear" a nice cover.

What you need: 

ruler (I misplaced my ruler so I just used a binder thingy, the one in green)
box carton (or any other sturdy cardboard)
glue gun with sticks
scissors for the cardboard
cloth scissors
ribbons and buttons (optional)
*of course you'll need the book (I used my bible since I needed a cover for it)

 Step 1: Lay the book down and using your ruler and pencil, mark about a half inch around the book.  So you'll have a big rectangle on your cardboard marking where you'll cut.  This will be your outer book cover.

Step 2: Cut away.

 Step 3:  Score the parts where you'll need to fold it.  Do this by using your pencil and ruler to mark a line where you will use the cutter.  Very important - don't cut all the way down, just halfway since we don't want to cut the cardboard through and through.

*This project is so easy that I was able to do it without my ruler haha!

It should look like this when you fold it.

Try it out with your book!  Does it fit alright?

Step 4: Proceed to make the inner cover. Lay out the first cardboard piece you cut on another cardboard sheet.  Make a smaller piece by about 1/8 inch.  The size should not be smaller than your book and not be bigger than the first cardboard sheet you cut out.

When done it should look like this (above).

Now it's time to "clothe" our covers.

 Step 5: Using your cloth scissors, cut cloth at least 1" larger on all 4 sides of each rectangle cardboard piece.  It's best to iron your cloth before cutting so it's smoother and more manageable.

Step 6: Glue gun the cloth onto the cardboard.  Remember to attach the cloth to the side that is plain as sometimes when you are using recycled cardboard with printing on one side, this might show under your cloth specially if it is a bit thin.

We love recycling here at Papemelroti.  We help reduce waste at local landfills in the process!  Recycling also saves money on buying new supplies.

Another thing to remember when covering the cardboard pieces with cloth is to keep folding it to check if it's not too tight.

Step 7: Cover both pieces with cloth.  Then check if the inner one is smaller.

Step. 8: Put the ribbon or garter inside before gluing both cardboard pieces together.  These will hold your book in place.  Take note that you should be able to take out the book any time and replace with another book since the garter is elastic and the ribbon can be untied.

At this point, you can already use your cover.  But if you want to do a bit more embellishment, you can add some cloth flowers.

Cut 4 equally sized squares about 3" x 3"

Cut the edges to curves to make a circle.

Glue gun the circles in ruffled form around in a circle formation and then attach a button on the center!

Tadah the finished product!

Crafted by Calej
Papemelroti Artist

Tuesday, April 02, 2013

Future Full of Hope Workshop

We are happy to meet you!  We invite you to have an inspiring artsy afternoon at the Future Full of Hope Workshop with us!  

We'll be talking about the future! Isn't that exciting?  How do we see our tomorrows?  With anticipation or anxiety?  

Life holds an abundance of blessings for us and the future promises to bring even more!  Come and explore what God has in store!  Do we have faith in what God promises for our future and what are His plans for us?

This is art for the least artistic, soul searcher and budding creative.  Join the group as we discover our inner artist and create mixed media art to use to decorate your home, journal, crafts, sell or for your own personal enjoyment.

Meet like-minded individuals who just want to relax, have fun, learn easy art techniques and enjoy the creative process.


Date: April 27, 2013 Saturday

Time: 1:30 pm - 5:00 pm

3rd Floor
Papemelroti Main - Korben Place (pass through the gift shop)
91 A. Roces Ave. Cor. Sct. Tobias
Quezon City
Metro Manila, Philippines

Workshop Fee: P950 (inclusive of a journal)

Register to reserve your slot with the form below.  

You may also register at any Papemelroti branch in major malls.

Must bring:
pencil, white, glue, scissors, magazines

Bring what you have of the following:

acrylic paints including creme/beige/flesh colors (if you can find)
assorted sizes of brushes including a fine brush
carbon paper
permanent pens
spray bottle for water
water container
things to make marks (bubble wrap, barbecue stick, bottle cover, rubber stamps)
paper to cover table


Mae Legaspi

Mae’s interest has always been in people. From being a kindergarten teacher to a leader for the young and married members of Ligaya ng Panginoon, a Catholic Christian community, to management consultancy in a Singapore-based company, she has always been involved in helping individuals and groups find their gifts, purpose or mission in life.

Mae currently does part-time community-building work for The Sword of the Spirit Asian Region where she does training and formation of leaders and  Christian community culture in the Philippines and India.  Mae also does life coaching where she puts to good use her counseling, teaching, training and spiritual competencies.  She runs at different seasons of the year a program for college students to help them decide on a  college degree that best  fits their skills and interests.
Mae has a Master of Arts in Family Ministry and Counseling from the Ateneo de Manila University, and 40 graduate credits towards an MA in Reading from PNU.  Her postgraduate units are in Organizational Development and Values Development at Miriam College.

Patsy Paterno

The eldest of the five Papemelroti siblings (she is the PA in pa-pemelroti), Patsy has been working in the family business since she was 11 years old.  Today, she works full time for the business as the chain's Managing Director.  

A graduate of Interior Design from the University of the Philippines, she can always be found in her craft room making collages, scrapbook layouts, Artist Trading Cards (ATCs), and thinking of ways to re-use things normal people would throw away.  
Her favorite techniques are collage and mixed media, which she says are most forgiving of mistakes.

For inquiries contact cel. 09189173951 or e-mail

See you there!

Monday, April 01, 2013

Laughter's Serious Benefits

"How do angels answer the phone?"
Answer. "Halo?" 
(Make it a point to watch comedies and funny light-hearted shows.  Be sure you don't laugh "at" people but "with them.)
(from Papemelroti's Box of Laughs)
It's the Easter Season!  It's the perfect time to rejoice, celebrate and laugh!

"In heaven, the sound of Easter laughter resounds" - Catholic Register

According to Gelotology or the study of humor and laughter, laughing has a manifold of benefits.  Why laugh? Read on.
Studies like Fritz Strack's in 1988 and Robert Soussignan in 2002 conclude that the bigger the smile, the happier one gets, even if the person is just "faking it".  It showed that soon enough, respondents that kept on smiling, became genuinely happier.  If you can become happier just by smiling, how much more if you're laughing out loud.

Various researchers like Sondra Kornblatt's and Johns Hopkins University Medical School prove that if you laugh more often you'll have:
  • Higher level of happiness
  • Lower blood pressure
  • Better circulation and oxygenation
  • Healthier abs, lungs, facial, leg, and back muscles
  • Less stress 
  • Stronger immune system
  • Better memory and learning skills
  • Improved alertness, creativity, and memory
  • Stronger bond with people you're laughing with
  • Energy boosts
  • Decrease in pain
  • Better problem solving skills
  • Better sense of humor
  • Greater level of emotional intelligence
  • Some relaxation
Can you think of some more benefits?  

Win a Laughter Pack

We know that you know that laughter is the best medicine!  We want to give you some laughter and make your already sunny days even much brighter!

Here are the products we want to give you this April!  Aren't they just filled with laughter?

Vintage Laughter Ring, looks really antique like, made of metal, one size fits all

Live Laugh Love Folding Fan, Mini Drawer Box with Handwriting Design
and the Dance Jump Sing Bracelet

Here's a closeup of the Dance Jump Sing Bracelet, with an extender for adjusting the length.

This little pad says "May every room hold laughter" and the bigger pad says "Amusing Musings" for notes you want to share with others to brighten up their day.  Yes this is made of recycled paper so the earth smiles at you when you use this.

When something brings laughter or a smile to your heart, write it down on this locket journal.

Here's how the journal looks on the outside but more precious are the thoughts you will express on these recycled paper pages.

Keep the good memories with you with this intricately made bag charm.  Just to see it is pure joy.

And last but not least, get to win the Box of Laughs Paper Pack.  It's got 47 laughter ideas to do and laugh about!  All made from recycled paper.

All in all the winner will get:

Live Laugh Love Folding Fan
Mini Drawer Box with Handwriting Design
Dance Jump Sing Bracelet
Vintage Laughter Ring
Small and Medium Sized Pad Sets
Locket Journal
Floral Bag Charm

Laughter Paper Pack

All you have to do to win these products is really going to put a smile on your face.  It's easy as pie!  Just...add us on Google+.  Papemelroti's just made a page so we don't have anyone linked to us yet so we would love for you to add us there.

Don't know how?  Just click here to go to our page and if you don't have a Google+ account, it's easy to join as well.  It's a lot like Facebook with a whole new world of features.

Once you have an account, go back to our page and press the Follow button.  You're done.  Then come back and fill up this Rafflecopter form so we can put your name in the raffle.

Submit your entries at our Rafflecopter above and get extra entries there too! 
On April 25, 2013 we are letting the Rafflecopter pick a winner!

Winners from the Philippines can have the prize mailed to them or picked up at one of our gift shops.  If you are not in the Philippines, you can still join but you'll have to pay for the shipping charges.

We will be contacting the winner via e-mail and will announce it also in our May e-Newsletter so watch out for that.  

*Winners must reply within 3 business days or we will sadly have to pick another winner.

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