Thursday, May 30, 2013

1st Papemelroti Instagram Challenge

***************  This contest is now closed. ***************

Congratulations to Charmaine Sarte
from Auckland, New Zealand!

Thank you to everyone who joined this event.  We hope you will come and participate again in our next giveaway!

Announcing the first Papemelroti Instagram Challenge!

To join, from now until July 15 (EXTENDED!!!), 2013, we invite you to:

1. Follow @papemelroti in Instagram.

2. Post a photo that illustrates Papemelroti's motto "Hands to Work, Hearts to God".
3. Tag your photo - #papemelroti and #papemelroti_01

4. On each entry, tag and invite someone to participate in the challenge.

Don't forget: 

  • The challenge is open to everyone! (worldwide)
  • All photos must be your own. No internet submissions will be considered.  
  • Maximum of 3 entries only please (new or reposts).
  • For your entry to count, you have to tag someone to invite them to join.
The IGer with the winning photo will have a choice of winning this Owl Gift Set or a P3000 Papemelroti gift certificate.

*We will pick the most beautiful picture that represents the theme.

This owl set includes the following precious items!

Hand-painted Owl Letter Holder 
Owl Cellphone Holder
Whooo? Stationery Pad
God Grant Me the Serenity Owl Keychain
Have a Heart Owl Ring Notelet
Wisdom Flight Bracelet
Owl Cassy Bracelet
Owl Memo Clip Holder
Owl Pencil Holder

Includes products designed by award winning graphic designer Robert Alejandro:

You are a Blessing Owl Picture Frame
The World is Yours Paper Bag
The World is Yours Full Color Notebook
Be Awesome Birdhouse Shelf
Collage Letter Holder

+ surprise gifts!!!!

Please take note that for winners who want their prizes shipped, part of the gift certificate amount will go to the shipping charge.

Visit Papemelroti for more products like this!

Recycling Paper and the Best Paper to Use

Through the years, Papemelroti products have long been associated with brown paper.  But of late, one can see a bit of brightness on our notebooks.  See some of the examples below.
These beautiful full color ring journals are designed by award-winning graphic designer Robert Alejandro.  They can be used for notes, as a diary or journal or small memorabilia scrapbook.  Cover and inside pages are made of 100% recycled paper.  The full color cover sheet is made from imported recycled paper.

So why brown?  Why white?  Why bother recycling at all?

According to Conservatree USA, it takes an average of 24 trees to produce 1 ton of paper.

Cutting down a mature leafy tree produces reduces the oxygen in a season needed by 10 people in a year.  Consequently, that's less oxygen produced for 240 people just to produce a ton of paper.  

A non-existent tree will not be able to absorb 48 lb. of carbon dioxide a year and that will be 1152 lb. for 24 trees.

Using a ton of recycled paper saves you reduces the energy by the following percentages:
Wood 100%
Total Energy Consumption 27%
Waste Water 33%
Air Particulate Emissions 28%
Solid Waste 54%

I think it's safe to say...

Not enough trees = Not enough forests = Not enough Oxygen = Reduced Quality of Life

Are we aware that in our world today, forests are disappearing at the rate of 20 football fields per second, due to paper and pulp production?  It's a grim piece of information but our daily paper choices can make a significant impact.

It's truly important thing for us to consider in choosing the type of paper we write on.  The implications are even more for urgent for companies and schools who use paper in bulk.

How do you know which paper used is best?

Look for the following paper characteristics:

100% Recycled Paper - Unbleached is better as no harmful chemicals were released to the environment. These result in differing shades of beige to dark brown.  The chlorine bleaching process is needed to make white recycled paper.

Lighter paper as opposed to heavy paper

Unscented paper

Paper made from hemp, kenaf, bagasse, wheatstraw, rice straw etc.

Paper produced from an ecologically managed eucalypt or pine plantation source.


Virgin Tree-Fiber
Paper from GMO Trees

How many trees do you think you saved this year?


Arboy Day Foundation

 McAliney, Mike. Arguments for Land Conservation: Documentation and Information Sources for Land Resources Protection, Trust for Public Land, Sacramento, CA, December, 1993

Rainforest Information Center

Green Paper Project from Green America

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Free Father e-Greetings

Your dad has been with you ever since you could remember.

He would carry you on his shoulder to see the parade, fly a kite and make you laugh.

Dads are so special and so worth celebrating!

Father's Day is on June 16, 2013 

Send Dad an e-greeting to start his Father's day right.

To save, just right click on the image and save to your computer.  You can E-mail it to him and other great dads!  Use for Facebook, Google+, Instagram, Tumblr, Twitter, your blog etc. and tag those cool dads and make them smile.  

*This is free for personal use only (no commercial purposes).

Created by Papemelroti artist Calej
More free images at Papemelroti
See our Fathers Day Greeting Cards and Fathers Day gift suggestions

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Make a Recycled Pen Holder in 5 Minutes

School is here!  Forgot to get a pencil case?  The old one is just passe?  Want to make one yourself?  Here's the perfect project to make in just 5 minutes.

Gather all your materials first (don't count the 5 minutes yet okay?)

2 small sized plastic water bottles (drink the water first!)
sharp cutter (be careful!)
sharp scissors (be careful too!)
lighter (be triply careful with this)
ribbon or washi tape
glue gun (optional)

1. Cut the plastic bottle in middle portion (or nearer the lid).  It depends on you if you want it the longest possible length - the nearer the lid your cut, the longer your pen case can be.

Cut the edges as the straight as you can.
Use the lighter to go over (quickly!) the edges for these to lose their sharpness.  Do this in a well ventilated area.  Be careful with this step as the plastic will curl if too hot.

2. Cut the other plastic bottle in the same way.

3. We need one bottle end slightly smaller then the other so we can insert it inside to form the pencil case.  To do this, cut the rim of the bottle about 1/4 inch high notches (like the image below) and then curl it a bit inward so it becomes "smaller" in circumference.  

4.  Secure with ribbon or washi tape.

Now you can use the pencil case.  But wait, you can "girlify" it by glue gunning some embellishments!

Remember the water bottle bottom?  It kind of looks like a flower doesn't it?

You can glue gun it to the bigger bottle end to make it ever so cute!

You can also use this as a flower holder when you're tired of using it as a pencil case.

Here's a close up view

View from the top


More crafts at

Created by Papemelroti Artist calej
Visit her other creations at

Thursday, May 02, 2013

A Mother's Heart Workshop

"Art washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life." - Pablo Picasso

Moms are one of the busiest people on earth. They're superheroes of the home.  They do everything all at once and most often than not, their efforts go unnoticed.  We want to give mom a special treat this May on Mother's day month!

Being a mom is a special gift.  Being the bearer of life and nurturing it is a celebration of life to the fullest!  There is much more to what God has in store!  Let's hold God's hand through His promises and plans for us moms.

This is art for the least artistic, soul searcher and budding creative.  Join the group as we discover our inner artist and create mixed media art to use to scrapbook, decorate your home, journal, crafts-making or for your own personal enjoyment.

Meet like-minded mothers who just want to relax, have fun, learn easy art techniques and enjoy the creative process. 

You're Invited!
We're inviting all moms to an art and faith workshop this May 25th.  You may bring your children too!

It's the last of the summer series workshops this year!  This is the perfect bonding event specially created for Mothers!  If you're not a mom, this is a unique Mother's Day gift this year (Mothers' Day is on May 12th)!

You'll meet Papemelroti artist Patsy Paterno who made the beautiful artworks featured on this page.  Indeed you'll see that with her art, a garden of love blooms in a mother's heart.

Explore your creativity and imagination in this faith and art workshop. No drawing skills required, just your willingness to partner with God, our Creator, the giver of every good gift.

Learn how to draw faces and make colorful art the easy way!

A journal and snacks are provided in this morning workshop.

What others are saying about our Faith and Art Workshop series:

"What I liked most about it was the liberty and freedom to explore." and "How the “conversing with God” was weaved to the art work."
"I love the creative process and the opportunity to bond over art."
"How nice that there’s no pressure to “perform”. I like the speakers!"


Register Here

A Mother's Heart 
An Art and Faith Workshop
May 25, 2013
9:00 am to 12:30 noon

3rd Floor
Papemelroti Main - Korben Place (pass through the gift shop)
91 A. Roces Ave. Cor. Sct. Tobias
Quezon City
Metro Manila, Philippines

Workshop Fee: 
*Get the chance to win a free slot with the rafflecopter below.  We will refund your payment if you win.

P950 (bring your own materials) or P1250 (we will provide all materials you need)
P750 early bird rate till May 19 or P1050 (kit included)
Children aged 9 and up welcome.

If you're bringing a child along:
Mother and child P950 (mom) + P750 for each child. (add P300 if you want us to provide all the art materials)

Early bird rate:
Pay before May 19, 2013 to get the early bird rate of only P750 (mom) + P600 for each child. (add P300 if you want us to provide all the art materials)

Children aged 9 and up welcome.

Things to bring:

acrylic paints
brushes (thick and thin)
rag or tissue
Kids should wear aprons so they don't soil their clothes.

Optional materials:
Pigma Micron pen .01 or .02 (available in National Bookstore or Deovir)
Send a picture of yourself with your child to before the workshop. - make sure picture is clear and faces do not show teeth.

Other materials you may bring include mark makers like bubble wrap, bottle covers, rubber stamps, stencils, etc.

Our Resource Speakers:

Mae Legaspi

Mae’s interest has always been in people. From being a kindergarten teacher to leaders among the youth and married members of Ligaya ng Panginoon, a Catholic Christian community, to management consultancy in a Singapore-based company, she has always been involved in helping individuals and groups find their gifts, purpose or mission in life. 

Mae currently does part-time community-building work for The Sword of the Spirit Asian Region where she does training and formation of leaders and  Christian community culture in the Philippines and India.  Mae also does life coaching where she puts to good use her counseling, teaching, training and spiritual competencies.  She runs at different seasons of the year a program for college students to help them decide on a  college degree that best  fits their skills and interests.

Mae has a Master of Arts in Family Ministry and Counseling from the Ateneo de Manila University, and 40 graduate credits towards an MA in Reading from PNU.  Her postgraduate units are in Organizational Development and Values Development at Miriam College.

Patsy Paterno

The eldest of the five Papemelroti siblings (she is the PA in pa-pemelroti), Patsy has been working in the family business since she was 11 years old.  Today, she works full time for the business as the chain's Managing Director.  

A graduate of Interior Design from the University of the Philippines, she can always be found in her craft room making collages, scrapbook layouts, Artist Trading Cards (ATCs), and thinking of ways to re-use things normal people would throw away.  Her favorite techniques are collage and crayola etching, which she says are most forgiving of mistakes.

Get the chance to win a free slot to this workshop by doing any one (or all) of the Rafflecopter tasks below.  We will pick a winner on May 21st.  a Rafflecopter giveaway *Winners must reply within 3 business days or we will sadly have to pick another winner.

For more information e-mail or contact cel +63920-913-4690 

The Mom Who St-"ART"-ed it All

For more than 40 years, Papemelroti has been crafting and churning out new designs every month, resulting to over 25,000 products.

Where did all this artsy crafting begin?

The Papemelroti siblings - "Pa" for Patsy, "Pe" for Peggy, "Mel" for Meldy, "Ro" for Robert and "Ti" for Tina (in order of appearance) have Mommy Socorro "Corit" Alviola Alejandro as their innovator mom, the founder of Papemelroti.  Proud husband Benny always praises Mommy Corit for her keen business sense.

We asked Corit, what age did you start sewing?
In my 20s or even earlier.  I was sewing my own dresses then went into stuffed toys.  I got my own sewing machine when I got married.  My husband gave it to me.  I just learned by myself, looking at patterns then eventually, I made my own pattern.

Note: Corit would use the scrap cloth from sewing dresses as her cloth pieces for the stuffed toys.  She would also make the children toys made out of empty clorox bottles.

Why crafts?
I used to make things for the family Christmas tree and toys for the children.  Then I was interested in having a business as well.

A sneak peek into her workroom. 

Today at 79, Corit still loves to make products.  Specifically, she handcrafts dried flower arrangements and miniature shadowboxes in the shop. When she works with her hands, she forgets about all her worries.

But we know that with her motto "Yard by yard, life is hard.  Inch by inch, it's a cinch!" and faith firm in God, hardworking Corit doesn't have much to worry about.


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