Happiness Gift Box

A couple of days ago,
someone from a pharmaceutical company
emailed and asked if we could
come up with a livelihood project
making use of these medicine boxes.

We cut out the pages of
 an old book that nobody wants to read again.

Then we cut off the tabs on the top
of the box.
After we scored the narrower sides of the box 
in the middle vertically,
we folded it like an accordion.

Then we made a cover for the bottom
of the box by tracing it
and cutting tabs on the corners.

We used white glue to cover the bottom.

We made a cover for the sides of the box,
making sure to leave a bit of bookpaper 
at the top to fold over.

Then we put notches on the extra bookpaper to
make it easy to fold over and glue neatly.

We used a single hole puncher to make holes
on the two unfolded sides.

The best part- embellishing!
We decorated the box with 
a papemelroti die cut and some red ribbons,
but you can have fun with buttons, lace,
stickers, tags, paint, rubber stamps, etc!

This makes a nice gift box for small things
like jewelry, make up, perfume, 
a hanky, candies or a small figurine.
I am sure that your gift 
will make someone special
very happy! 

You may want to see 
other do it yourself projects at
Show Me What Ya Got at Not Just a Housewife 


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  1. This is nice! I think I'm going to do this on December :)

  2. Great idea!I'll try it ;)

  3. Wonderful idea. I will do this as I have a holiday coming up. New follower.

  4. I want to used gift box this coming christmas


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