Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Man of Steel Contest - Contest Closed

............................. THIS CONTEST IS CLOSED  ............................. 

Win some inspiring words!  Read on...

Meet the man of steel!

He sails solo.

He teaches and trains.  He is a voracious reader, even online.  He loves classical music.
He is responsible for some of the most popular product lines for the Papemelroti Gift Shop chain...
and wait... he just turned 87 last month!

His name is Benny Alejandro.

He is the creative genius behind the shop's metal products.

Steel-strong products that will bring a smile or two to your room, office, garden ....

... or kitchen.

Products that can be hung or used for organizing.

Formed into the shape that only your imagination is the limit!

Who will be the blessed individual reading this who will win the prize?!!!

Win and you get your own words onto metal so you can be inspired every time you see it!
 Have it in any color you like!

You can hang it in front of your home.  You can have some house numbers made or a "Welcome Friends" sign.

It can be as big at 24 x 24 inches!  That's big!

The winner will get to have his own customized metal product by Benny Alejandro!

2 WAYS TO JOIN!  (just pick 1)

OPTION 1:  Join the raffle by doing the tasks on the Rafflecopter below

a Rafflecopter giveaway 

OPTION 2:  Use your creativity (see directions below).

All you have to do is think of a short, positive saying that YOU have made up.  Make sure that no one else thought of that before.  You can submit as many as 3 sayings.

E-mail this to info{at}papemelroti{dot}com with subject header "MAN OF STEEL CONTEST".

We will pick the best saying we get.  If it's a good saying for one of our products, you will get a free product with your saying as well!  {It's up to you if you want us to use your saying or not.}  It can be in English or Tagalog.


Laughter is a wonderful way to brighten up the day.  - Calej

E-mail your entries before September 24, 2013! 

We will pick 2 winners!  1 winner from the Rafflecopter and another winner is the one who made the best saying!

We will be contacting the winners via e-mail and will announce it also in our next e-Newsletter so watch out for that.

*Winners must reply within 3 business days or we will sadly have to pick another winner.

Winners from the Philippines can have the prize mailed to them or picked up at one of our gift shops.  If you are not in the Philippines, you can still join but you'll have to pay for the shipping charges.

Craftstory: Cork Critters

Craft projects, as we all know, take time and talent to accomplish.  

Some people have the impression that making crafts necessitates a big budget to make the outcome more attractive.  Some think that one needs a lot of practice just to make something that of value.  Others think that you must have a lot of passion or a cause to create the "heart"-work.

One young hobbyist didn't need to spend a lot to make her projects.  She just grabbed what was available at their home to make her critters.

The young crafter Yanna's family would regularly have thanksgiving prayers at their home and one of the symbols of celebration is a bottle of wine which the whole family would share.  Seeing all the cork from the bottle, Yanna had an idea to make some Cork Critters.

For safety, Yanna's mom would help her cut the cork but everything else was Yanna's design.

See a smiling Ant.

Meet her first creation, a cute Kitty.

Let your imagination ride away with the Horse.

Here's Yanna's delightful duck with pistachio nut shells for feathers.

Here is 8-year-old Yanna posing with her Cork Critters.

Here is Yanna with her growing collection of Cork Critters. 

Getting her inspiration from the books she reads, she brings the characters to life!  She never ceases to amaze her friends and family with her ideas!

"...the work of their hands brings them reward."
- Proverbs 12:14

*We love inspiring you with creative crafters like Yanna so you too can start working on a masterpiece all your own.  If you have a craft idea or project you wish to share with our readers and e-mail subscribers, you may e-mail us at info[at]papemelroti[dot]com.

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Strong Soul Food

Have you had your share of soul food for today?

Here are some bite size sayings that talk about STRENGTH, not physical, but spiritual strength.  May they feed and fill your soul today.

Sometimes we focus too much on what we see.  Is our hair alright?  Is our teeth all white?
But we should know where to start... how's the strength of our heart?

Do we shy away from people or things that test our strength?  Do we ever venture out of our comfort zones?  Stepping outside our little worlds can open up a whole new world of possibilities.  How about a little adventure?

Life has its own share of storms.  Are you in one now?
We keep on trying to go higher, farther and taller when all we need is to look down and see how stronger and deeper our roots are.

Is something telling you you can't do it?   Believe you can, because it's true.

Strength, faith and courage are all within reach.  Look to the Source.

Have a strong soul day!

Tuesday, August 06, 2013

Happiness Giveaway!

............................  Congratulations to Anne Michelle Perea for winning  a whole lot of goodies from Papemelroti!    ............................

All in all the winner will get(!!!):

Mini Happiness Journal
Evening Bracelet Watch
Shabby Chic Picture Frame
Vintage Fabric Brooch
Full Color Notebook
Mini Box Cards
Rejoice in the Moment Ring

Blue Drop Ribbon Earrings

Just go to http://www.papemelroti.com/contests.htm for more details.


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