Friday, September 27, 2013

Celebration Clock

We are celebrating 46 years in business!
This is the newsletter I made on our
ancient typewriter in October 13, 1967.
I was quite excited about this family adventure

It is amazing to me how fast time flies.
It doesn't drag its feet, it flies! 

I was wondering about a project for our anniversary feature,
and when I saw this clock that I got for free from a drugstore,
I thought I would try changing the face.
I removed the glass in front by
taking out all the screws at the back.

Next, I pulled out the center nob
to take out the hands of the clock.

Then I traced the shape of the clock.

After tracing, I cut it out, including the 
little round hole in the middle.

Now I have the shape,
I drew a design on it.

Then I traced the design on to 
one of my prepared backgrounds.

You can see the traced design below.

Here is the almost finished painting.

As a finishing touch, I wrote
"Nothing is as far away as a minute ago."
(Jim Bishop)
Next, I glued it on to the face of the clock,
making sure to dry it
before attaching the hands and screwing the back on.

Be careful to check that you 
screw the back on correctly!
The hanger has to be on the top where 
#12 is!

Here's the finished clock.

Now, you might say, I can't draw.
That's all right-
you can make a collage,
you can put a photo,
you can cut out a picture from a magazine,
or you can print this out the size of your clock-

If you don't like the idea of making your own clock,
you can always get one from papemelroti!
This is designed by my brother Robert!

You may want to see 
other do it yourself projects at
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  1. Thank you so much for stopping in at Show Off Friday! Have a great weekend.

  2. What a neat project.I learned to type on an a typewriter in high school. Now kids don't even know what they are. Thanks for sharing. Paula from is stopping by from the Melo Momma blog hop

  3. Hello Ma'am Patsy! I love the newly made-over clock! I have one unused clock lying around and I can tell from now what I'm going to do next. The two sisters remind me of my baby sister who just celebrated her birthday two weeks ago. She, too, is a Papemelroti fan and sends me notebooks (I use them as my diary, and recently some rubber stamps) every year without fail. I just want to say congratulations on your anniversary -- I love the homemade newsletter! All the best.

    (Used to blog at Crafting with Sreisaat


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