Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Valentine Dolls

See what Papemelroti artist Robert Alejandro has been up to lately!

Aside from sketching, i do "product design" work for our family business, @papemelroti . Here is something I'm developing for valentines! You can insert a secret message on the owls' heart! 

Part of my job at @papemelroti is creating new products (I LOVE doing this). I make prototypes and this is passed on to production - 100% Filipino made which supports local economy and provides lots of jobs! This is something I'm developing for @papemelroti valentines 2014!

To go along with the King of Hearts (from my last post), here is the Queen of Hearts. They're a couple of "dolls" I am developing for @papemelroti this coming valentines! An early valentines greeting to all!

by Robert Alejandro
More of his work at www.raadesign.com

Tuesday, January 07, 2014

Win a Travel Set Photo Contest!

We have a winner!  The Travel Set goes to Ms Sheryl Malabanan!  She posted a photograph on Papemelroti's Facebook page and it garnered 962 likes!  Awesome!

The Beach Set (2nd prize) goes to Hurley Corsiga with 460 likes!  Yippeee!  

Here is the winning picture -

A big thank you to everyone who joined!  We love your entries and we hope you join our upcoming promos and contests!

- x - x - x - x - x - x - x - x - x - x -

And so the journey of life continues this 2014!  They say life is the most wonderful journey and we definitely agree!  Life is beautiful and every moment precious.

To commemorate this journey called life, we're giving away 2 sets of prizes with 2 different themes:  the Travel and the Beach Set!

Just send us your best pictures of any Papemelroti item.  It can be a new or old photo that you have of ANY product you got from Papemelroti.  We will be posting the entries on Papemelroti's Facebook album and the picture with the most likes wins!!!

Pictures may be photoshopped or edited in any way that you like, so long as we can still see the product.  It can have any theme (doesn't have to be travel/beach).  Only wholesome pictures please!

1. Send the photo to us at info at papemelroti dot com -
before March 1, 2014 - the earlier you send your picture the better, to have the most likes!!!  You can send as much as 5 pictures.  

2. Your e-mail subject line should be "CONTEST ENTRY"

3. Send us your name, picture title and cellphone number (so we can contact you if you win). 

4. Each photo will have the title and photographer's name as the description on Facebook (we won't include your other details).  Attach the photograph to your e-mail in JPG of GIF format.

The winning photo will appear on our website homepage, e-Newsletter and promotions as well!


First prize will be a set of Travel-themed items!

Here are some details on the goodies...

Travel the world in a minute with your imagination with this one of a kind picture frame.  Put your picture inside and attach notes on to the matching map magnets at the sides.  No two frames are exactly alike.  Made of durable metal.  Size 10" x 8" x 2", 680g

Another prize is a dangling wooden pendant with the poignant words "We can never fully chart our journeys".

"Adventure awaits you" pencil pad fills one with anticipation!  Comes with a pencil and 50 pad sheets all made of 100% recycled paper.  

Includes a treasure tin coin bank!  A fun and beautiful way to save up for a special trip!

See the detail on the bank

The set includes a travel notebook for listing all the places you want to visit!
Designed by one of our youngest designers Joshua Paterno.

Your prize will include one(1)standing red airplane, a timeless vintage style decoration.

All in all the Travel Set includes:

Metal Travel Picture Frame with 3 matching magnets
Travel Fund Treasure Tin Coin Bank
Standing Vintage Airplane in Red
We Can Never Fully Chart our Journeys Pendant
An Adventure Awaits You Jute String Pad
Adventure Pencil Pad
I Dream of Traveling the World Notebook

Our second prize winner will get the Beach-themed Set which includes...

... various wonderful Papemelroti products namely:

2014 Shell Poster Calendar made of 100% unbleached recycled paper
Hand-painted Seahorse Paperweight
True Friends Journal made of 100% unbleached recycled paper

Contest ends March 4, 2014 so submit your entries as soon as possible!

Share the album so your friends can "like" your photos too!

Winners from the Philippines can have the prize mailed to them or picked up at one of our gift shops.  If you are not in the Philippines, you can still join but you'll have to pay for the shipping charges.

We will be contacting the winner via e-mail and will announce it also in our

next e-Newsletter so watch out for that.  

*Winners must reply within 3 business days or we will sadly have to pick another winner.

Delightful Desktop Wallpapers

Hello dears!
We compiled some free desktop wallpapers for you!  They're all quite delightful!  This is our gift to you and we really hope you like them!  
They are made by the different Papemelroti artists thus the designs have different styles and themes.  Choose one for every month of the year!

How to Save:
Just right-click on the image and choose "Save as".

Art by Patricia Paterno more about the artist

Art by Patricia Paterno more about the artist

Art by Patricia Paterno more about the artist

Art by Robert Alejandro more about the artist

Art by Robert Alejandro more about the artist

Art by Robert Alejandro more about the artist

Art by Robert Alejandro more about the artist

Art by Calej more about the artist

Art by Calej more about the artist

Art by Calej more about the artist

Art by Calej more about the artist

****Very Important:  These images are for personal use only.

For more free images

Monday, January 06, 2014

Paper Mache Piggy Bank

Paper Mache Piggy Bank

We know you've got a lot of plans this 2014!  Why not make a craft, do some art... as a good start!  This project is for all those dreams that need to be saved up for.  Just fill up to fulfill!  It's perfect for children and hobbyists alike.  It's really fun to make together and also great to give as a gift to someone special. We want you to enjoy making this very doable project made by Papemelroti artist Patsy Paterno.

Please click on the images to enlarge.

What you need:
paper strips
toilet paper rolls
white glue
plastic cup
masking tape
bit of rope
acrylic paint

How to do it:
1. Gather your materials.
The items we chose are easily found in local shops selling arts and crafts shops or party supplies.  Any type of balloon will do though the thing to remember is that the size of the pig will be the same as the largest size possible of the blown up balloon. The color of the balloons don't really matter since these will be painted over.
2. Inflate the balloon.
It will sound a little like this ppsssfffffffffsssshhh!
*Do make sure that with the steps after this, you have a protective covering over the area you are working on to prevent anything to be painted on accidentally.
3. Make the sticky mixture, cut the paper into thin strips and put together.
Use 1:1 ratio of glue and water for the sticky mixture.  You may use newspaper as it is the most economical.  Strips of about 1/4 inch width would be good.  Mix it up in a plastic cup with a stick.
4. Spread the strips along the surface of the balloon using the mixture as the adhesive.
This will be the pigs "body".  The smoother the surface, the nicer your pig will be! 
5. Attach the tail.
Use a bit of rope and insert the edge of the "tail" under the back before it is totally covered up in the strips.
6. Make the snout and legs.
Cut the toilet paper rolls to make some cylindrical shapes. You can also use cardboard instead of toilet paper rolls - just use masking tape to make the cylinders.  Use cardboard for the snout.
7. Attach the snout and legs.
Use masking tape to secure the parts to the pig "body".  The snout can go over the part where the balloon is tied together to hide it.
8. Paint over the pig.
Use your paintbrush to cover the whole pig with white acrylic paint, including the snout and legs.  Let dry.
9. Color the pig.
This part is soooo much fun!  You can go wild painting all the colors of the rainbow. 
At this point you can already mark with a pencil where you wish to put the hole to make this into a bank.  Use your cutter to make the hole.  It can be 2" long and 1/4 inch wide.
10. Paint some more!
The pig has a lot more color now. You can even use different textures so as to create a grungy effect.

11. Attach the ears!
Don't forget this (we almost did!) Use the same method
12. Paint ears with gouache.
Take a look and see!  She pig has a lot more color now. You can even use different textures so as to create a grungy effect.
13. Decorate and write
If you look closely at the images on the left, you can will see writings on the pig.  Top it off with a beautiful ribbon.

See more crafts at the

Friday, January 03, 2014

How to Make One Word for 2014

    Artwork by Calej for Papemelroti

“Remember not the former things, nor consider the things of old.  Behold, I am doing a new thing;  now it springs forth, do you not perceive it?"
Isaiah 43:18-19

Happy New Year!  It's a new beginning & a new adventure to mount, what are you planning to do to make the year count?  

Have you heard of having "One Word" instead of New Year's resolutions?  Instead of making a list of things you wish to change, you replace this with a simple "One Word" that encapsulates all of this.  

This trend is certainly catching on because it's fun to do, easy to remember and more effective in the long run.  We have all been at the point where we forget what we wanted to do in the first place and just re-list those (with a bit of frustration) the next time the New Year comes along.

If this is your first time to pick a word (not a phrase), then let us help you start your quest.

As much as possible, think it through.  Don't just pick a word at random but something that ignites a spark within you.  Maybe your word hits you during your morning commute or when you're changing the baby's diapers.  That's alright but make sure you pick one of the words that inspires you to take that next step forward.

Some samples other people have picked are "Bloom", "Encourage", "Love" though it doesn't have to be a verb.  It can be something like "Strong" or "Caring" instead.  Pick your own word.  Sometimes others won't understand it.  Whatever it is, this word is going to be YOU this year.  As you speak this word to yourself, hold on to it and keep it close, you will eventually embody it.

Your word must encompass what you wish to THINK, SPEAK, DO and BE this 2014.  It shouldn't just be applicable to one area of your life.  It has to touch every part of your life to have more power.  It should affect the way you relate with others and fingers crossed, they will notice the positive change in you.

Also remember to give yourself a deadline.  The end of January should be the latest you go.  The word will be useless if you finalize it on September!

How to make it work? 

Once you've picked a word, post it on a piece of paper on your mirror, office desk or any place you spend some time to linger on each day.  You can write it down, take a picture of it and make it your desktop wallpaper.  You can put it on your alarm clock or time it in your phone so it pops up every so often to keep you in check.

Share the word with a good buddy so they can remind you from time to time and hold you accountable.  The more people know the word you're aiming for, the larger your support system and the better the results.  Better still, have a group wherein everyone knows everyone's "One Word" so each can build up the other.

Ready?  We're ready too!  We're going to start thinking about ours starting today!  Bless you!


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