Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Valentine Dolls

See what Papemelroti artist Robert Alejandro has been up to lately!

Aside from sketching, i do "product design" work for our family business, @papemelroti . Here is something I'm developing for valentines! You can insert a secret message on the owls' heart! 

Part of my job at @papemelroti is creating new products (I LOVE doing this). I make prototypes and this is passed on to production - 100% Filipino made which supports local economy and provides lots of jobs! This is something I'm developing for @papemelroti valentines 2014!

To go along with the King of Hearts (from my last post), here is the Queen of Hearts. They're a couple of "dolls" I am developing for @papemelroti this coming valentines! An early valentines greeting to all!

by Robert Alejandro
More of his work at www.raadesign.com


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