Thursday, March 27, 2014

Papemelroti Story: The Unexpected

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This month, we are featuring an original Papemelroti story contributed by one of our supporters.  We hope you enjoy it!  Keep posted for more of these stories coming soon!

My husband and I are married for a year now.  It isn't easy for my husband to move in here in the Philippines and live a different life.  He is use to live alone and being in the military.  He is not accustomed to be cared at and settling down in a strange place for him. 

Our routines at home is like in the military.  We wake up we have breakfast we talk and then we go to work.  On occasions he rather wanted to be informed heads up and in buying gifts for people.  He rather wanted to know what you want for Christmas than surprise you with what he think you would like or appreciate.  So everything for us is expected well at least for me it is.

But last year, close to our wedding anniversary.  I never expected him to prepare something.  We seemed to be doing the usual routine we always do but the day before our anniversary I came home from work and saw him sitting at the couch and watching television and just kissed me and I wondered am I missing something.  

I went up to our room and when I open my closet I was surprise to see this poster hanging in my closet.  A kraft poster from Papemelroti with a Filipiniana theme. 

While I was reading the quotes I felt my husband hugging me and reading the quote allowed.  I cried and felt very touched for I never expected him to give me such a surprise.

I remembered him saying "I know my military self shows my tough side and may make me look like I am insensitive but I wanted you to know that you mean a lot to me and that I thank God that he blessed me with a great wife and I love you".

I hope this short brief story would touch any woman who is married to a military guy that they should give them a chance and perhaps who knows they will surprise you. 

Story by Marion Kabigting-Huff

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  1. where can we send our story? thanks you.

    1. Hi kuromisheryl sailormoon, you may send your story via email to Have fun writing it! patsy

  2. Thank you miss patsy! I am excited to share our Papemelroti story.... <3.


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