Wednesday, June 25, 2014

The Father's Heart

Today we want to feature the Puso ng Ama (or the Father's Heart) Foundation and try to put the spotlight on their Children's Library Project.

This non-government, non-profit community of young people helps kids in Payatas.

If you're not familiar with Payatas, it's one of the poorest areas in Metro Manila.
People called it Payatas from "Payat sa Itaas" ("Thin at the Top" in Tagalog) which means the soil is not fit for farming.  Thus the site is still where the city's largest open dumpsite resides.

Assessing the enormous needs of the young people living there, Puso ng Ama Foundation is responding by putting up a Children's Library at their center.  

Staffer Ben Salvedia is now collecting book donations.  We hope you will consider going through your books and lending a hand by donating some of them.  Book cases are also needed.  *Please do not give used workbooks. 

Books can be dropped off at all Books for Less bookstores.
BFL Branches:

SM Mall of Asia Pasay
SM Supercenter Pasig
RCBC Tower Makati
My Metro Town Mall
Centris Station, QC Ave.
Shopwise Eastwood
Shopwise Commonwealth
Cyber and Fashion Mall, Eastwood City
Pioneer Center, Pasig
SM Marikina
SM City - Masinag - Exhibit
SM City - Taytay - Exhibit

See more at:

TO DONATE: Please seal and label  "c/o Meldy Fider for PNA Book Drive"Please also place the name of donor and e-mail and/or contact no.

Thank you very much for your support!

To know more about the foundation, visit their Facebook page here.

Friday, June 20, 2014

Free Downloadable Patterns

Patterns are so fun to play with!

You can make a room full of things much better just be adding a sprightly bit of patterns to each of them.

Here are some projects you can use these pattern for:

trinket holder
greeting card
pencil holder
drawer liners

See the project how-tos below.

Download images by right-clicking the large image file and choose "Save as ..."

Size of downloads are 8.5 x 11 inches, 300 dpi

Blue Green  Dotted Stripe Pattern

Right click this image below to download the full pattern

Red Braid Pattern

Right click this image below to download the full pattern

Pebble Beach Pattern

Right click this image below to download the full pattern

Pink Blossoms

Right click this image below to download the full pattern

Blue Happiness

Right click this image below to download the full pattern

*All images are for personal use only.  No commercial use allowed.

Now on to the projects!

To start, print out the different patterned paper using a colored printer.  Get your scissors, glue and other materials to make a variety of items.  You can make them all and use one pattern to make it coordinated.  You can download the paper multiple times and do remember it's for personal use only.

To make a trinket holder, cover the middle portion (where the label is) with the patterned paper.  We used an old tea can for this project.

To make the greeting card, cut thick construction paper sheet the size of 8.5 x 5.5.  Pick a dark color like what we used - dark purple (see below) so it will contrast better with the design.  Fold the sheet into 2 to form the card base.  

Download our cat-tern (cat shaped pattern) and use a carbon sheet to trace the cat-tern on to our free downloadable patterned paper.  Cut the cat shape and paste onto the front.  Then use silver gel pen to write the "Just For You".

The pencil holder has the same procedure as the trinket holder (above).  We used an old medicine plastic bottle as the base and took out the cap (try to find another way to recycle that!).

To make a container for pictures, snacks, sewing supplies, and other everyday things, use the same process as the trinket holder and pencil holder.  We used a biscuit container and the bottom portion is a little smaller than the top portion so take note of that when you cut your patterned paper.

To have pretty decor flitting about your room, just download this pattern, print and use carbon paper to trace it onto your patterned paper.  Staple them back to back, fold a bit so they look like they are "flying" and punch a hole in the center to hang with ribbons.

There are also a lot of great ideas from bloggers! 

We're sure you have more ideas!  Why not share these with us?  Feel free to send us a line at info at papemelroti dot com with picture samples of your work!  Enjoy!

See more crafts at

Papemelroti Story: Ten Years

Story by Diane Francisco

When I was still in grade school, there was the Filofax and all those leather bound organizers I've been coveting.  As a kid who couldn't wait to grow up, I dreamed of having one for myself.  I was imagining the smell and feel of the leather's skin and the smooth white pages waiting to be filled with my handwritten notes.  Reality however never fails to awake me.  A kid, who goes to school with packed lunch and snacks and occasional Php 50 bonus from her grandparents, can never afford to purchase that grown up organizer.

To keep me organized, I usually avail those mini planners sold in bookstores. I started with the Php 20 annual planner produced by Hallmark.  When I turned 7, an older cousin introduced me to Papemelroti. It was also few days after Christmas when I first stepped to Papemelroti's Ali Mall branch.  I was overwhelmed with all the stationery in brown paper. This is my happy place! 

My first purchases from Papemelroti were the classic brown notepads.  Over time, I discovered the notebooks and mini planners.   I started buying the mini planners when I was 11 years old.  I would write my deadlines in the tiniest boxes devoted for each day. When something significant happened on a particular day, I ensured to write down my sentiments.  Whenever I failed or miraculously passed a test, felt upset for being reprimanded, discovered and revealed secrets among friends, and my most favorite then, the rare times my crush glanced at me. Haha

The mini planner didn't perform mini functions for me.  It became a journal.  It became a documentation of my growing up years.  The annual collection of mini Papemelroti planners lasted until I finished college.  When I started working, I got complimentary planners from the company.   I was also once of those who became highly dependent with technology. All my schedules were plotted either on my mobile phone or Microsoft Calendar.

Five years after working and finishing my mastoral degree, I decided to do some major de-cluttering at home. It was also days after Christmas when I decided to throw away the unnecessary things caused by my highly sentimental personality. I later discovered my pile of Papemelroti planners.  I found 10 planners that represented the past 10 years of my life. I read the all my handwritten entries and found myself crying and laughing at the same time.  I cannot explain the overflowing emotions thriving in me. Had it really been 10 years?

The planners related my growing up years.  I wrote about my struggles, insecurities, achievements and priceless moments of happiness.  Much of what I am today can be told by what I wrote inside those planners.

I decided to compile the planners in a special place.  Every time I would feel sad and upset, I would take out those planners and reread everything I have written.  In a way, I would like to believe that they served as my security blankets.  The planners reminded me that I grew up.  I survived the challenges and problems came my way.  It also gave me an assurance that no matter what it takes, I have made things happen.

I hold on to my mini planners in those lowest points of my life.  Unfortunately, those 10 years of my life were taken away.  When typhoon Ondoy hit our home in Marikina, the planners vanished. I secretly wept for all the memories I lost. 

However, I would like to believe that it was God's compelling way for me to grow up and let go.  My 10 years in those planners maybe gone but the memories, never!  The past 10 years are stored in a more secured place, my heart.

The past week, I happened to drop by the Ali Mall branch of Papemelroti.  I needed to purchase some decorative items for a DIY project.  Despite nearing the middle of the year, I purchased this mini planner.  It made me smile for a while.  I just turned 30, entered another decade and I was thinking, it would be nice to start documenting my life again? 

*You too can share any love and friendship experience you have had with a Papemelroti product and if we choose to publish your story you will receive a surprise gift from us!  Just e-mail it to 

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Like and Share for a Postcard

Care to have a cup?

Robert Alejandro brings life to ordinary things.  He draws us into his whimsical world of teapots and cups.

Sip a cupful of gentle words with this paper postcard.

It's made of 100% unbleached recycled paper.  So eco-friendly.

Would you like to receive Robert Alejandro's  drawing / design on a Papemelroti teapot


Like & share - He'll be picking (at random) 12 people!!!

How?  Just like and share this picture on Facebook!

You must share from this public link:

Thanks to everyone who joined already!

Wednesday, June 04, 2014

June 2014 Newest Products

2014 June Newest Papemelroti Products on PhotoPeach
Music: Happy by Pharrel Williams

Robert Alejandro Portraits

Graphic designer Robert Alejandro, the "Ro" in Papemelroti, shares his portraits with us.

Calvin Chua

Rhett Eala

Liz Uy

Interested in commissioning Robert to do a portrait? Email

Personalized Notebook Gift Idea

It's craft time!  Here's a Do-It-Yourself you can make in less than an hour!

We chose to do a design for Father's Day since it's the Sunday after this one. but you can also adapt this process for any other theme or special occasion.

Here's what you need:

Paper Paste
Plain notebook (100% Recycled paper is always better)
Rubber Letters
Craft Cuts
Scrapbook embellishments
Your pictures (of dad or depending on your theme)

ALTERNATELY, you can use any notebook that has plenty of writing space, magazine paper with different regular designs like just words or just a pattern, letters cut out from paper and cardboard instead of the brown frames.

Note: All of these materials are available at Papemelroti gift shops!  But to be sure, order from us online as sometimes stocks run out.


Cut the Craft Cuts into different parts.

Cut the different patterns on the lines so it looks like this -

Add the embellishments and place them where you like (or follow our design).

Here's our placement but you don't have to follow it.

We noticed that this part was the most fun so do what you like and ENJOY!!!

Once you like the look of it, then use the paper paste to secure.

You're done!  Dad will have a gift he'll always cherish!

The total cost of this gift is:
Notebook  - P24 / $0.70
Craft Cut   - P15 / $0.43 per sheet
Frames and Words - P33.50 / $1
Letters - P9 / $0.25 (for Dad, 3 pcs)

Total: P81.50 / $2.35
(not including the pictures / glue / scissors)

Not bad for a gift to remember forever!

We hope you liked this super easy craft.

See more crafts at

Instant Cheer-Uppers

Just today we heard the sound of thunder rumbling through our office!  The monsoon rains are signaling their imminent arrival.  With wind and rain come common annoyances like dreadful traffic, unavoidable delays, messy hair, chilly clothing and predictably soaking, squeaky shoes.

These things invariably cause a shadow of gloom to cast a shadow on our erstwhile beautiful days.

So here we are to the rescue!  We've compiled some suggestions from all around on how to instantly uplift your spirits while it's raining giraffes and elephants outside!

Always Look Forward to Something
"One of the secrets of a happy life is continuous small treats." - Iris Murdoch 

This is part of Sam Berns philosophy to happiness.  Despite progeria, Sam enjoys his life and always has something to be excited about.

Be Grateful."Give thanks in all circumstances; for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus for you." - 1 Thessalonians 5:18

Get a pen and paper and start listing down every good thing in your life right now.  Get that joy flowing. 

"Man is fond of counting his troubles, but he does not count his joys. If he counted them up as he ought to, he would see that every lot has enough happiness provided for it." ~ Fyodor Dostoevsky

Gratitude is a springboard for many good things, namely the next cheer-upper...

Don't forget to smile!

Simplicity is Key
"I have no money, no resources, no hopes. I am the happiest man alive." - Henry Miller

We all get that feeling sometimes - "If only I had (this or that) ... I'd be happy."  It's an illusion.  Once you get that, you'll want something else!  It's a never ending cycle.  

Wouldn't it be just wonderful if you could say "I have everything I need to be happy right here, right now" (and mean it).  To get to this place you need a lot of gratitude (see above).

"For I have learned to be content whatever the circumstances. I know what it is to be in need, and I know what it is to have plenty. I have learned the secret of being content in any and every situation, whether well fed or hungry, whether living in plenty or in want. I can do everything through him who gives me strength (Philippians 4:11-13).

Listen to music.
We are what we hear.  Garbage in, garbage out.  Life is what we make it.  Get the picture?  (We don't haha.)  What we are saying is simply this - whatever you listen to, thoughts, ideas, values and philosophies - you absorb and eventually live out (specially if you're at it all day long).

Look Outward
"The best way to cheer yourself up is to try to cheer somebody else up." ~ Mark Twain
Try these instant cheer-upper tasks:
- give a snack to someone hard at work
- smile at someone you think needs it 
- hug an elderly person
- put a thank you note on the fridge
- offer someone your food
- pray that someone you know gets his wish
- give way to that car
- tell someone you'll do an errand for them
- treat someone out 

Eat a Banana
"A sound mind in a sound body is a short but full description of a happy state in this world." -John Locke 
If you want to be in a good mood, be sure to store up on food rich in Vitamin B6, magnesium, calcium and potassium that when combined elevate your dopamine and energy levels.  These nutrient-packed food will help battle those blues away.  You probably have one of these right in your kitchen cupboard.  Our favorites are:
Sunflower Seeds 

In contrast, here are the feel blah and blue food:
Potato Chips

"Every now and then,
when the world sits just right,
a gentle breath of heaven
fills my soul with delight..."
~Hazelmarie "Mattie" Elliott, A Breath of Heaven
Want all of creation's secrets to open up to you?  Then open up to the Creator!

Studies show that spending some time in silence and praying is one of the best ways to be instantly happy.  

Don't know what to think about?  Try this: ACTS

A - Adoration
Tell God He's just awesome!

C - Confession
Tell Him you're sorry for things that you've done wrong.  Don't worry, He already knows... but He just wants to help you with these (if you'll let Him).

T - Thanksgiving
There is so much to thank Him for.  You can start with "Thank you I'm alive!"

S - Supplication

Ask Him for anything you need (or even want).  Be specific in your prayers!

Do try it!  It's an instant cheer-upper for every morning.

May you be a Proverbs 31:25 person who laughs at the days to come!

We hope that this season doesn't bring any floods of the watery kind but rather a shower of  joy and beauty!


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