Wednesday, July 02, 2014

Vintage Finds Giveaway

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We are now waiting to hear from the winner!

"Looking old, though new as can be
Keepsakes such as these are lovely to see
Who the winner will be, no one can say
These things of beauty to cherish every day"
- papemelroti

Time for a July giveaway!  Are you ready?

We're giving away three premium items to one lucky winner!

See the flower, chintz fabric and pearl?  They each belong to one of the trio of prizes.

Prize no. 1 is a Vintage Collage Book Cover

A friendship stitched in time is so fine.  So many intricate handmade parts make this a beautiful gift for a friend.  A reusable cover for your book, notebook or bible, this adds such wonder to your reading.  Inside are garters to secure the pages.  Made of cloth, lace and dainty components.
Size 6.75 x 5.125 x 1.25 inches

Prize no. 2 is a Vintage Travel Bracelet

For the avid traveler and dreamer.  Keep the elegance of Paris around you.  It's got the Arc de Triomphe, Je t'aime, Pearl, Globe, Eiffel Charm, Suitcase and Eiffel Tower.  An extender is there in case you need it bigger.

Prize no. 3 is a Long Rose Pearl Pendant

An elegant yet simply styled piece.  It lengthens your look with a single slim, long chain and  two rows at the center.  The metal flower base and rose hang at the side for an asymmetrical effect.

Anyone in the world can join this contest.

It's so very simple to join!
Just fill up the Rafflecopter form below.

Submit your entries at our Rafflecopter above and get extra entries there too! 

It's got easy to do tasks such as tell us your first impression of Papemelroti (the company / the shop / the website etc).

*Be sure to really do the tasks as we check each and every one.

*Also make sure that the accounts you have are not dedicated to purely giveaways.  We will not count those.

*This contest is open worldwide but shipping costs must be shouldered by participants. 
The winner (if in the Philippines) can get the business pack via the nearest Papemelroti branch.

The contest ends on July 23, 2014 (Wednesday).  We will be contacting the winner via e-mail and will announce it also in our August e-Newsletter so watch out for that.

*Winners must reply within 3 days or we will sadly have to pick another winner.


  1. I love the vintage designs!

  2. Vintage items always reminds me of travelling. It so nice to have this vintage items and daydream about the places you long to be #Wanderlust

  3. You have really cool stuff. The stores give a relaxing and at home vibe. :)

  4. Anonymous1:00 PM

    These are great! I especially love the long rose pearl pendant and the vintage travel bracelet and can totally picture an outfit to go with them! :)

  5. I love your stuff from furniture down to the stationeries. Always value for your money. Your designs are unique and organic. Love giving them away, decorating my house with it and the restaurants I design as well.

  6. papemelroti store is <3 the first time i see your store i feel inlove with the stuffs so i save money to buy stuffs on your store

  7. Papemelroti is a unique specialty shop in its being eco-friendly, earthy, natural, and having a homey feel -- reasons why I have been a fan for many years now!

  8. You have such an amazing stuff and you put God as the center of everything, that's the reason why Papemelroti became successful all these years.

  9. Swooning! I really love vintage stuffs and I do like Papemelroti too. I always purchase a bunch of items whenever I get to your store.

  10. When I first discovered Papemelroti, I fell in love with it because I always like paper made products and items that have a vintage or shabby chic feel. I also make my own stationery, boxes and other items from paper that is why I am a fan of Papemelroti. What is great about your products is the message behind it. Aside from saving Nature, it also promotes good values, friendship, good relationship with the family and with God.

  11. It was like a heaven for me! I love the products and even the shop itself. Kraft papers are very appealing to my eyes, so I'm very into that. I fell inlove with this shop the very first time I discovered it. Swear. I even searched for your stores, so I know where to visit. :)

  12. My mother was the one who introduced Papemelroti to me. I am fond of bookmarks and my mom is into scrapbooking, so I am thankful that this shop has given us a way to bond. I love the products because I feel like they describe my personality, especially the stationary! I don't usually write letters but it makes me want to just to use those things.Haha! We actually used some items for my sister's debut and the guests loved it. I hope on my debut my parents would too. :D

  13. I love your shop because it lets the creativity of people soar. You have cute stuff, vintage stuff, and all other nice stuff. I have boxes from you that fit my shelves so well, I got a little easel, some nice letter cut outs, and oh, not to forget that recycling tool that helps me make new paper out of the old ones. I just so love your Papemelroti! ^_^ *hart-hart*

  14. I was "love at first sight" with Papemelroti! With all these vintage and dainty pieces, it is like a heaven for me! Love this blog so much!

  15. Anonymous2:46 PM

    Papemelroti have always been my inspiration for handmade crafts since forever. I hope they will have a branch in Bacoor or Imus, Cavite because I will definitely visit it every single day. :-)


  16. i so love papemelroti store. great finds, affordable stuff, vintage theme decor, furniture are shabby chic which i love most . its nice to buy gift items from this store. inspiring quotes in paper materials, wooden letters and easel is love. i can stay for 2 hours exploring the store cause youll see many things. inspiring words in metal wordings and plaques. hoping when i have my own business i could buy the furnitures in papemelroti. now, little by little im buying decors for my future bakery.

  17. Your shop is full of good vibrations! It's like I am in another side of the world where I can only experience peace, love, and serenity. I always visit your branch at Sm Noth Edsa. The staff are accomodating! love love love your shop! God bless you more!

  18. Whenever I feel like i want a "me time" this is the place i always want to go.
    I always feel peaceful whenever I go here. I hope you find peace here too.

  19. Quote:

    If you have the ability to do good, do it!


  20. Way back early 2000's when I first visited Papemelroti at SM North Edsa. I couldn't resist myself from not getting in! The place was so cute, the staff is so nice (I swear, I even asked a staff if she could collaborate with me to choose a gift, she was creative!) and the stuffs inside was breathtaking. Not that I'm exaggerating things but just imagine that it is 100% recycled. It was amazing. Boxes filled with sensible quotes, posters with nice images and prayers, colored notebooks. <3 Ever since, whenever I want to give someone something that I'm pretty sure they won't forget, there is one place I'd go. Papemelroti is a one of a kind Crafts and Giftshop. Job well done for the Alejandro Family. Without their awesome minds and God's gift of creativity, Papemelroti will never be born. Long live! :) Keep up the good work and keep us smiling. :D

  21. The first store that I visited was the one in SM North EDSA. The colors inside were black and brown. I thought it was full of boring and nonsense stuff but I was surprised when my friend and I started checking the items. I loved everything that I saw there. Also, I like that most items were from recycled materials. :)

  22. It's vivid and admirable.

  23. Love the artsy stuff you sell

  24. i love items,. ang sarap gumawa ng scrapbooks, ng dami pwdeng pagpilian,.

  25. This comment has been removed by the author.

  26. Papemelroti has always been a part of my childhood. From designing my stuff, to collecting notepads, to giving gifts to my friends, Papemelroti has been my sanctuary. Seeing their products makes my heart skip and puts a smile on my face. Until today, going inside a Papemelroti store and exploring their products makes me feel a kid all over again - reliving the wonderful childhood I had. Simple things can truly give us great joy and Papemelroti always gives me that kind of joy! <3

  27. I love Papemelroti designs! They make art that inspires one to create more art.

  28. It's an arts and crafts dream, walking into your shop just makes me want to buy everything in sight!

  29. It's like having a tour in Europe every time I drop by in your store. I am so in love with vintage things.


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