Fabric Flowers for a Good Cause

Visitors at Papemelroti shops will notice a new sign at the counters that looks like this:

The fabric flowers are added on to a matching box which will add to the delight your gift will bring.

After using the fabric flower as a gift add-on, you can use it as a hair tie, bag ornament, wrist cuff or curtain tie.

These fabric flowers are also great to decorate your books, bottles and as a craft component!

So how can purchasing a fabric flower help someone?

Papemelroti artists Robert Alejandro and Meldy Alejandro-Fider conducted a workshop to teach moms from informal settler areas how to make these flowers.

The Novaliches Christian Community call them their "scholar moms" because their are supporting one of their children with school needs.

Every fabric flower you purchase helps these moms provide for their family's basic needs so add a flower every time you purchase a gift!

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