Wednesday, December 03, 2014

Oreo the Christmas Cat

MEOWry Christmas to one and all!

We've got an extra special feature FUR you!

Introducing Oreo!  He is Papemelroti's newest intern!  He's such a delightful sight hard at work on the products that we thought we would allow you to get to know him.  He comes every day and stays from 9 to 5 PM!

You can see that Oreo has a very big influence on productivity here at the office!  Here he is making sure we get our PAWs for a while.

Here he is busy filing.  It's a bit hard to reach the things you want when you're just a little kitty!  Good thing Oreo is pretty nimble on his toes!

Oreo is seen above trying his hand at designing.  He does prefer a real mouse though.

Oreo checking designer Peggy's work and suggesting improvements.  (Incidentally Peggy is this furbaby's mom!)

Product quality testing going on.  Don't worry, Oreo isn't allergic!

Time to test Oreo's reflexes!  He needs this to attend to all our customer's needs!

All work and (lots of) play makes Oreo really really exhausted!  Okay let's give him some space and leave him to have a catnap!

After the working day is over, Oreo hitches a ride home with Papemelroti's Managing Director Patsy (see above).

Note: We're sorry to inform you that Oreo is not available for further interviews or meet and greets.  He is the shy type and prefers to keep working at his area.  TV appearances?  We'll think about it.


  1. How cute!!! Oreo and the blog ;)

  2. I wanna work with Oreo :)

  3. what an adorable cat Oreo is?!

  4. What a cute little cat!

  5. Oreo looks like a good kitty. :)
    I hope he gets some special surgery so that he won't sneak away when he gets older.


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