Tuesday, December 02, 2014

Sneak Peek into an Artist's Retreat

In the midst of stone and steel city, you open a door like any other door but find yourself in a world unlike any other world. Aha!  It's the hideaway of a creative genius!  Let's take a look around.

Masks and mobiles wistfully glance at the glass window.

The man on the moon, the original work of the artist, looks on.

Little bits and things from around the world bear witness to their owners itchy feet.  Feet that can't keep still and long to see all that the world has to offer.

One might think he wandered into a circus, antique shop or a child's playground (all at once).

A highway in the sky carries calling cards.

Do you know who's lair we stumbled into?  Here's a hint... He's the only male designer in the names that make up "papemelroti".

If you said "Robert Alejandro" then you're absolutely right!  This is where his thoughts meet paint and pen.  Being a very private person, this is a singularly rare treat indeed!  But now we need to go out as he might come back soon!


  1. a rare visit to an artist's room will make you feel more inspired and creative.


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