Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Artistory: Here are There with Robert Alejandro

He is otherwise known as the Sketching Backpacker, as he travels the remote corners of the world disdaining the camera in favor of inks and colors.

He is also know as "Kuya" Robert"(Kuya means Big Brother) as he used to host the popular children's TV show "Art Is-kool".

He is also known as a multi-awarded, multi-talented as well as "multi-loved" sort of guy.  His social media posts wow thousands daily.  He has designed everything from books to furniture to malls and amusement parks.  He can design practically anything.

It is no wonder then that he was picked to be this year's University of the Philippines College of Fine Arts 24th Graduation commencement speaker.

April 26, 2014

We're so proud of you Robert!

In the tradition of the University of the Philippines, he was wearing his "Sablay" instead of the caps and togas.  It features characters from the country's indigenous alphabet "Baybayin".  To know more about the Sablay, click here.

This week, his work was at US President Obama's state dinner.

If you want to meet Robert, you will need to have your child in tow.

He is holding a workshop for Moveable Feast but the slots are limited.

Robert's work is available at Papemelroti gift shops and online here.

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Free Summer Sticker Download!

"He will give a crown of beauty for ashes, a joyous blessing instead of mourning, festive praise instead of despair..." Isaiah 61:3

It's the Easter season, a time of great rejoicing!  Let's be festive and celebrate for we have a lot to be grateful for!  We are greatly loved by God and He has given us life to the full!  See His promises for us who believe here.

Let's get on with the freebie!

A lot of us are having vacations, traveling and enjoying the summer sun so we decided to give you an Easter gift you can enjoy during this season!

What better way to remember your awesome time at the beach by scrapbooking it?  With the children out of school and needing some amusement, this is the perfect time you can do it.  PLUS... (you probably didn't know this little bit of trivia) May 4 is THE National Scrapbook Day!  (and some say the International Scrapbook Day is on March 4)... it's confusing I know.  Thousands of "scrappers" or scrapbookers" hold events just to do some cutting and pasting!

They call these parties "crops" because this is what you keep doing to the pictures - trimming it to the size you want.  Isn't that neat?


So here's a fun, bright design you can use for your project.  Print it out on Sticker Paper so it's easier to decorate your pictures with.  If you find sticker paper too expensive, check out the other option below.  Cut the different shapes and print as many times as you want!

Commercial purposes are not allowed.

1. Click on the image above and it will lead you to the larger image for downloading.

2. Right click on it to download and choose "Save as".

3. Print on Letter size sticker paper.

ANOTHER OPTION:  Create your own sticker mix

It would be much better if you can make the scrapbook with your family so you can reminisce over all your adventures while you're putting it together.  Make it a picture party!  Make it a another memorable day of summer!

We apologize for our readers who are in other parts of the world (where it is Spring instead of Summer).  Just think... you're getting a headstart!  Hope you found that amusing :)

Need more scrapbooks?  You can refill your stock by ordering online Papemelroti at our Scrapbook section.

Visit our Craft section for more ideas on how to spend your vacation time...

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

7 Ways to Use our NEW!!! Summer Garden Wrapper

We've got a new gift wrapper out this summer for you!
Do you like it?

It's got a colorful, festive feel and it comes out just in time for the Easter Season!  It's designed by Papemelroti artist Calej

We love the saying, "Life began in a Garden".

Fittingly, this wrapper is called the Garden Wrapper.

You'll see a bird and a butterfly!  The bird signifies our freedom from sin and death won by Jesus, our Savior and Redeemer!  We now have the freedom to be the best we can be and to be the people God has made us to be!  

The butterfly is a symbol for new life in Christ!

Wrapping paper ISN'T just for wrapping gifts!  You can use it for a whole lot of purposes!  Read on...

Way #1. Use the pretty wrapper to line your drawers!  Keep the dust away and add a delightful scenery surprise every time you open your desk drawer!

Way #2. Cut out the different design elements on the paper and paste onto your scrapbook pages to decorate the pictures.  You can make a border around a picture like this ---

Way #3. For a change, take out the old design and put this design to your drinking tumbler!

Way #4.  Cut a piece of the paper into 8 x 5 inches and set aside.  Cut a 8 x 5 inches cardboard piece.  Lightly glue the two pieces together.  Fold in the middle.  Write your greeting inside!

Way #5. To make the Stringtie Notebook, just cut a piece of the Garden Paper into 4 x 5 inches and set aside.  Cut a piece of cardboard or Illustration Board into 4 x 5 inches.  Lightly glue the 2 pieces together.  This will be the front cover of the notebook.  Make another piece just like this for the back cover.
Gather blank paper sheets (recycled paper is best!) to be used as inside sheets.

Punch a hole at the top left corner and string together.

Way #6. Get a load of clothespins to use as your base.  Cut the Garden Paper into strips with just the same size as the top portion of the clothespin.  Lightly glue on and voila you have your brightly colored clothespin clips!

Way #7. Cut the Garden Paper using this Pattern.

Cut several of these and then punch a hole at the top.  Hang on your window!
You can also hang them one on top of the other like a mobile!

See more crafts at

Wednesday, April 02, 2014

Join the Summer Raffle

---------  This contest is closed ---------
Congratulations Stephanie Ruth B. Villanueva from Tondo, Manila!!!

She said, "Papemelroti is truly one of the stores that I really like, its not just because of the product itself but also the inspiring messages you show to your customer, continue to inspire others by your product."

Thanks to everyone who joined!!!


Summer is here!  We're giving away a summer gift pack!!!

Ocean Photo Deco Poster
2014 Shell Calendar Poster
Fun Shell Pouch or Shoebag
Choose Happiness Folding Fan
Figgy and Bruno Matching Beach Figurines
Party Games Paper Pack
Summer Wallet
Paisley Dot Hair Tie
Waterproof Earth Friend Choker or Double Tie Bracelet
Cross Braid Bracelet
Picture Frame Booklet
Earrings Braid Dangling Earrings
Sun Paperweight

Here are more information on the prizes...

Ocean Photo Deco Poster
A soothing beach scene you can bring with you into your home!  This plaque will motivate you to reach your dreams, persevering without looking back!
 Photography and design are by Papemelroti graphic artist Elyse Pilapil.  A no frills plaque perfect for modern homes.  Size 11" x 11" x 1/2", 300g 

Summer Wallet
to put your tissue, toiletries or sunblock for the beach!  A washable, lightweight and durable item to carry around.

Paisley Dot Hair Tie
to put your hair in its proper place!  Cute blue design too!

Party Games Paper Pack
to have ideas on what activities you can do on the beach or at the summer events you'll be going to!  Life is fun!  Never have a dull moment!  Play the 47 easy games at any type of party.  Each idea identifies what materials are needed, number of ideal players, instructions and gameplay variations.  A successful event is just a party pack away!

Picture Frame Booklet
Put your memories here!  Put a picture on the cover for easy identification of your photo album!
Earrings Braid Dangling Earrings
A delicate but durable accessory in dark blue.  So beautiful to wear!  Individually handcrafted with care.

Cross Braid Bracelet
A beautiful reminder of your faith that you can wear when you travel.  So light and finely made.

Waterproof Earth Friend Choker or Double Tie Bracelet
Save the earth one piece of hand-braided jewelry at a time.  Waterproof and perfect for the beach.  Wear it as a choker or as a bracelet (double wrap).  Made of recycled materials. 

2014 Shell Calendar Poster
a Kraft Poster made from 100% unbleached recycled paper.  Size 7.5" x 11" with stained palochina sticks top and bottom

Sun Paperweight
Keep your beach or picnic mat in place and in style(!) with this original Robert Alejandro designed paperweight!  Artistically designed with paper and paint!  A great giveaway!  Each rock is individually handcrafted with care!

Figgy and Bruno Matching Beach Figurines
They are here to remind you of the great time you had on the beach!  Made of durable resin.

Fun Shell Pouch or Shoebag
with an original one-color design that is ideal for storage or travel.  Made of Polymat non-woven bags which are thin and lightweight.  A livelihood project for a challenged urban community.

Choose Happiness Folding Fan
with an original design by Robert Alejandro and an inspiring message that you can draw strength from every day

Purchase P200 or more worth of Papemelroti products.  (You can also present your official receipts from purchases since start of 2014.) 

2. Write down the following details on the back of your official receipt.
2. Please make your handwriting clear (or we won't be able to inform you in case you won!)
3. Put in designated  box in the store.

Take Note:  The contest runs from April 1, 2014 to April 25, 2014  We will pick the winner via raffle.  We will contact the winner using the information they have given us and announce in our e-Newsletter and social media.

We will announce the winner as soon as he/she replies to our e-mail.  Sadly if after 3 days we have not heard from the winner, we will need to pick another person.

Tuesday, April 01, 2014

So Simple: Summer Crafts

We're excited about SUMMER!!!

Picture the sun, the water and the surfing (well maybe that's a little too much!).  Picture yourself hearing the bongo drums beating and the seafood flowing!

Well we want you to have that feel with these oh so very simple crafts!  We have 2 for you that you can do in a short amount of time (so you can go have fun in the sun!)


This craft is so easy to do, even for a child!  They will give you the summer feeling all year long!  Hang them on your window and they will bring such a positive feeling whenever you see them!


old magazines
bright colored string
needle & thread
circle puncher (optional)

Here's how it will look once you're done!

Ready to make it?

1. Gather your materials!

2. Cut circles from the magazines in different sizes and colors.  If you're not comfortable making a circle shape, you can make a pattern out of a jar cover then trace it with a pencil onto your paper to make circles.  Other circle pattern shapes are candle bottoms, medal, knobs, coin, eyeglass rims, etc.

3. Sew the circles together like so.

 4. Paste circles on the other side to "cover" the stitching inside.  You don't have the put similar colors back to back.

 5. Sew them all together into a length that you prefer.

6.  Here comes the fun part!  Hang it up!

Wasn't that the easiest to do?  It just takes quite a while if you want it to be really long.



The ultimate craft for non-crafters!  This may actually take you only seconds to do!  It's cute, practical and fun to use.

Ever know what to do with those loose buttons that you collected over the years?  Now is the time to recycle them!

assorted buttons
super glue (though I just used white glue and they work fine)
thumb tacks

1. Attach with super glue the thumb tacks to the backs of the buttons.

2. Wait 2 hours or more for the glue to dry.

3. Use it!  Enjoy!

NOTE:  For an extraordinary paper clip (like the blue one above), cover the base with washi tape.

See more crafts at


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