Love Beyond Perfection

"Nemo dat quod non habet" this means "You can't give what you don't have".
This is what I've learned from my husband as I go along our simple, yet, one of the seldom love stories untold. 

I am very fascinated of gifts especially during birthday, Christmas and other occasions. My husband used to give earrings, necklace, signature shirts and other valuable things I like most.

We both work in public office, indeed, we are living in a simple way of life. We have also misunderstandings and differences but most of the time we have lots in common. We love adventure; we love collecting valuable things (miniature toys, personal collections and papemelroti items), we used to go to the mall every weekend for food trip and play in arcade. Just a simple like that, we enjoy our life together.

One day, it was another memorable day for me. It was a Valentine's Day. As a normal and usual expectation, I wanted to receive a special gift from my hubby. That day, we had our dinner date at the mall. However, I noticed he was calm and cold and told me that he was out of budget to buy a gift but that he had a special present at home. I was thrilled and excited for the first time when we went home. What he did at that night was memorable. I was amazed! For the first time in my life he made a poem written on Papemelroti paper. He chose this paper because for him, it is very special and unique paper, simple but meaningful. The poem was composed with my full name. As I read along the poem, tears of joy fell from my eyes.

That night, he told me that his gift is more than everything he gave unlike material things. He made a poem and dedicated it to me. This poem inspires everyone - every woman for whom happiness is priceless and not even the material things can provide. He gave what he had from his heart and that love "out-faded"  things.

I hope every one will be inspired by our simple love story - that life is not nourished with things that glitter but by love and devotion in your relationship.

Story by Sheryl Malabanan-Corsiga

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