Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Draw Oreo Contest Winner and Entries

We had a very hard time picking due to the many wonderful and delightful entries but finally we have decided on the Draw Oreo Contest winner!!! 

Congratulations to Rheena Legaspi for this purr-trait!

Rheena said, " I feel so honored, I honestly didn't expect to win! There were just too many awesome entries, add to the fact that Oreo is the cutest "meowdel"! I'm so glad he picked me, thank you Oreo and Papemelroti!"

Congratulations to the 20 Runner Ups!

Don't you just love their work?

Oreo sends his BIG THANKS fur all of you who sent in your entries to the Draw Oreo Contest! He will be busy picking 20 runner ups and we will post it here soon!!! 


  1. Rheena, you draw so well. I love your art and the cat. Is the contest happen every year? How to participate with the contest? I have my friend who is very good also on painting and I just want to share some ideas for him. This is great opportunity for all the artist to participate and expose with the art scene. Home Security | Smart Home Control

  2. The art is too adorable!!!

  3. Congratulations !!! I knew you will be the winner !!! Good job !!!! I sent my entry too, hoping to be one of the runner ups :)))

  4. I'd love to have my cat drawn by you too! :)


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