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The Papemelroti Adventure Contest



Tris Magbiray

for winning this contest!

Tris said, "Thank you so much Papemelroti for the great adventure giveaway!! It was really unexpected. I will treasure all the prizes that I've won. Keep on making awesome and inspiring things. God bless Papemelroti and I hope in seeing more of your work. "


Ready for summer?  The sun is out in full force and it's time to go where you've never gone!  It's time for an adventure!

Win these cool prizes by answering a simple question!!!

Everyone needs an Adventure Arrow!  It will point the way to fun every time.

This unicycle will be a delightful addition to any desk or shelf!  It is handmade and handcrafted with the utmost care.

See how this notebook's words will inspire you on your journey!

Lastly but not least of all, you'll win the Dream Wall Plaque!!!

How to join:

Answer the question on our Facebook post and you're in.

It's contest time once again! Win these Adventure products by answering a simple question. We will raffle off your...
Posted by Papemelroti on Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Let's do Kusudama

The Japanese have a way of turning ordinary things into works of art.  In origami, we see that paper can evolve into a multitude of unforeseen objects.

Here's what we will make!

This flower is even prettier in person.  It can be used by itself or in a bunch.  You may put a stick to hold up a dozen and prop up on a vase at your desk.  It can be strung into a garland or bouquet.  It can be a wall hanging.  You can insert Christmas lights in the middle section (so long as it won't be on too long).  You can make small ones and string together to form a luau necklace.  The possibilities are endless!


1. Cut a piece of paper into a square shape.  This piece of paper will form 1 petal so it depends on you what sized paper you'll use.  Try to practice using newspaper or any used piece of paper -  just so you don't ruin the paper you're going to use.

2. Fold it in half - making a triangle.

3. Flip the edges up and fold.

It will look like a triangle.

4. Insert your finger in the fold and widen that portion of the paper - it should look like the picture below.  

Do that on both sides.

Now that I think about it, it looks like a crown :)

5. Fold the tops of the "crowns".

Do it on the other side.

6. Press the sides together so it will form an elegant petal.

They look fab with different sizes :)

TIP: To hasten finishing a lot of the work, make sure you cut all the paper the same way.

To make a single flower, make 6 petals.  To make a flower ball, make 12 flowers.

Hailey, our "paw"-fficemate, inspecting the Kudusama flower

We hope you enjoy making this craft!


Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Patricia Paterno's Sunrise Collection

Picture the sun painting a burst of colors in the early morning hours.  The unexpected hues appear only for a moment before the light encompasses the landscape.

Patsy wakes up long before the sun makes its entrance.  She opens her bible and prays.  Then she picks up her paintbrush.

The dawn, with its fresh feel of new beginnings, enables her to put on paper what God imprints on her heart.  She not only benefits from the Good Book's wisdom, she even shares it with others.

One lady shared how she felt compelled to go back to church because of Patsy's daily reflections that she would go over every morning.

With all the doom and gloom in today's modern works of art, Patsy is able to impart a feeling of lightness through the bright strokes of color.  These reflect her own life of great joy, peace and fulfillment.

See these paintings exhibited at 

Art in the Park 2016 
April 3, 2016 
Sunday, 10 am to 10 pm
Jaime Velasquez Park
Salcedo Village,
Makati, Metro Manila


More on Art in the Park

Read Patsy's scripture reflections, follow Papemelroti on Facebook.
Purchase art prints 

Wednesday, March 02, 2016

So Proud of You Contest

Every March is a tribute to all of you who have pursued your dreams and have attained victory!  It's not only the graduate who has accomplished this but everyone else who, with determination, persevered and succeeded!  We are so proud of you!

Papemelroti is turning 50 next year and we would like to ask you - where would you want to see a branch in the coming years?  Answer this question via the Rafflecopter below and win the following fun prizes!

Write inspired on eco-friendly pages.  Let your brilliant light and life not go undocumented.

Large Size 5.75 x 7.75 inches, 50 inside sheets
Small Size 4 x 5.5 inches, 50 inside sheets
All made of 100% unbleached recycled paper

Remind yourself daily that life is about taking challenges and using all you've got to make a difference.  Never back down and just begin.  This compact size will fit anywhere in your room.  In dramatic black and grey hues.

An eco-friendly desk accessory for both men and women.  This can be a giveaway for your event too!  Base is either in mahogany antique finish or with whitewash finish.  Made of recycled wood.
Size 20mm x 65mm x 38mm, 20g

A fun and beautiful way to save up for a special treat.  Has a unisex design that will encourage you to achieve your dreams.  In a matching thematic style with the other products.

Put your trinkets here.  Use as packaging for gifts too!  In such a timeless hipster style.  Unisex design.  Size 6 3/8 x 4.25 x 1/2 inches

Perfect for note-taking on the go.  Stylishly covered in rustic leather that goes with your bag!  Individually handmade and bound with care.


Dreams Coin Bank
Your Life Unfolds Small Kraft Notebook
Believe in Yourself Large Kraft Notebook
All Glory Comes Wall Plaque
Journal Mini Leather Notebook with Copperplate Label
Take Each Day Pen Stand
Just for You Pouch
Black Spiral Button Journal


Tuesday, March 01, 2016

Travel Sketching with Robert Alejandro

JOIN US 3pm on Thursday March 3, 2016! Call 426.6488 to register - seats are limited.

Events for Lent

Find abundant grace and blessing not just for a season but for a lifetime!

Join these Lenten events!

The 3-part Lenten Recollection Series in Pathways COJ entitled, "Blessed, Broken, and Given Away" will start this Saturday at 2:30 PM. This will be held at the Penthouse of the Philippine Rural Reconstruction Movement (PRRM) in Mother Ignacia cor. Dr. Lazcano Sts near St. Mary's College.

We encourage you to come and bring along your family, friends, neighbors and office mates to these events!

For inquiries on this event, kindly contact us at


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