Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Newest Papemelroti Branch is at SM Clark!

Good news! We have reopened at SM Clark just this June 22, 2016!

Some of you may know that we were at this branch years ago.  We were requested to move due to SM's rezoning phase.  Since the new space for us was not appropriate for our requirements, we had to close our branch there.

We are happy to be back!  

We are located at the ground floor, next to the SM Department Store entrance.

We hope to see you soon!

Featuring the Doll Kit

Introducing a product that will surely amp up your creativity skill set!

It's not surprising that this geometric shape-themed doll is the work of resident "imaginator" Robert Alejandro!  Aside from using recycled materials in this project, Robert allows us to create something beautiful!  Bore a hole at the bank and it becomes a coin bank!

The papemelroti DIY doll can be enjoyed by children and adults alike.  There is no limit to how you can also decorate the paper mache doll shape.  You don't have to stick to the standard design given enough time.

Each kit contains:

Doll Shape
Book Paper



Assemble a boy and a girl for your collection!  So fun to do with children!
Size 5.25 inches height

98php or $2.80 each

Craft: Note Roller

Do your receipts automatically go to the trash bin?

According to Huffington Post, " Over 250 million gallons of oil, 10 million trees and 1 billion gallons of water are consumed each year in the creation of receipts for the United States alone, generating 1.5 billion pounds of waste."

We always need to take down notes - when we are on the phone, when doing the grocery list etc.  
Before we start using receipts as basketballs and our trash cans as nets, let's take a look at this useful project!

What you need:

toilet paper cardboard tube
wrapping paper or washi tape
wooden clothespin
white glue
box (about 1 inch bigger than the cardboard tube on top and bottom and close together to the tube at the sides)

Hailey, our glamorous kitty wanted to learn how to make it too!


1. Cut the cardboard tube to the size of the receipt.

2. Tape the receipts together to make a long long piece.

3.  Roll the receipts on the cardboard tube tightly.  Set aside.

4. Wrap the box in wrapping paper or washi tape.

5. Bore a hole big enough for a pencil.

6. Put it all together!  Last step is to put a clothespin on the pencil point to prevent anyone hurting themselves with the point.  You can also try using it as a lever to help unravel the receipts from the box.

It's certainly a nifty little thing to keep around the house!

Friday, June 24, 2016

Free Download Digital Scrapbook Template

Our freebie this month is in honor of Friendship Day on August 7!  This day to celebrate friends always falls on the first Sunday of August (so it would be good to mark your calendar for next year).

There are so many projects you can do with these graphic elements.  You can do a colorful scrapbook page with your BFF's picture or print and attach on to a pen holder or picture frame etc.  Let your imagination think of the limitless possibilities!

Download it free now for a limited time only!  

*For Personal use only.  Commercial purposes are not allowed.

Please feel free to share this freebie with your friends!

These designs were brought to you by papemelroti artist Tina!

Please link to our site Papemelroti Shop if you wish to use any of these images on your website.

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Off the Wall

Thinking of remodeling your home?  Look here first!  We've got some tips on how to choose the best theme items for which room and how to arrange them with for maximum appeal with minimal effort.

We've been in business close to 50 years now and we've learned a lot along the way.  We are overjoyed when we hear customers say, "I'm always delighted whenever I enter your shop."  We know it must be the effort our staff puts into prettying up the shop as well as they could.

But how do you pick what products to put in which room of the house?  Living in a dorm?  Not much space?  How do you choose items that will fit in and make the most impact?

Take a look at the wall hanging and the few desk items all mixed up together.  They are quite stressful to look at, right?  The colors and themes are randomly thrown in and the feeling is that each piece isn't quite so nice at all.  

*Almost all of these products are either available in Papemelroti shops or may be ordered given enough time.

Many of us like the vintage, shabby chic style as it never goes out of fashion.  We treasure antiques and put a piece in every room in the house.

CHOOSE... the pieces that have a faded color as bright colors don't really look aged enough.  Some retro items have bold looks so you'll need to use your judgement if the wall item matches the others you have - and doesn't overpower them.  For a lady's bedroom, floral and nature themes seems to fit best.  For men's rooms, you may look for decor with vintage airplanes, cars and the like.  The topiary on the shelf also serves as a "wall item" just because it's placed on the wall shelf.  It helps fill the blank space under the frame.

HOW TO FIX THE WALL: Imagine a large rectangle framing the whole set of wall items.  In the example above, there is an invisible rectangular box in landscape orientation.  The shelf goes out of the box but it still works.  An often overlooked rule is that the composition of frames can be slightly heavier only on the right side.

The den is a place to relax so ultra bright fuschia and neon colors do not belong here.  The eyes need to be able to rest even when just looking at the wall.  This example doesn't really rely on color schemes as the products don't really seem to match together.  But the overall feel is playful R&R.

CHOOSE... manly products that have exploration, discovery and travel themes.  For this look, try to get different colored items but have some color accents.  For example, the "Journey is Best" deco poster at the center of the wall above has orange and red accents that tie in the keyholder and airplane hanger.  This scheme is also good for a dorm wall considering its layout doesn't take up so much space.

HOW TO FIX THE WALL: We used a plain black wall shelf at the bottom, both as a practical measure and a design element that ties all the elements of this wall together like an underline.  This would look so nice with books.

The contemporary style is usually very simple and minimalist because this style disdains clutter.  The less people have, the more it is in line with this theme.  In fact, many modern homes have absolutely nothing on their walls.  We think that's boring so consider putting even just 1 of these items.

CHOOSE...a color scheme to make your redecorating easier.  Here, black and white gives drama and an instant upscale look.  The plaques you decide to get should have clean, streamlined designs in high quality to get the feel of sleekness.  The wanderlust piece is so versatile that it can also fit into the Travelers Den.

HOW TO FIX THE WALL: You can see that the above layout is somewhat like a square made up of 3 rectangles and 1 circle.  It's not a perfect square but it has a certain balance.  The rule the left side is heavier applies.  Don't ask us why it has to be the left side.  We just work here (haha).

We hope you now have more ideas on how to redo your walls.  It's the most fun thing when you have so many options in products, color schemes, textures and themes to choose from!  Let us know in the comment box below if you want to see more decorating tips! 

Animal Art DIY

Featuring our one of a kind stamps found only in specific branches of Papemelroti!  Created by premier artist Robert Alejandro, each stamp portrays a crafty creature that dresses like a human!  

Robert's love for animals shines through the charming renditions.  They each have a difference personality!

 You can go from branch to branch, braving the traffic and collect all these imprints on your notebook to prove your unwavering Papemelroti loyalty (just kidding!)

To use, simply choose one of our blank notebooks, boxes, etc. and stamp away!  There will also be an assortment of other fun stamps available at the DIY section.

So the next time you drop in a Papemelroti branch, look for these unique stamps on our DIY table!

Friday, June 10, 2016

Now Open! Papemelroti SM Trece Martires

Welcome to the new Papemelroti Trece Martires!  We are here to serve you!  Browse our newest products, organizers and decor!  Order giveaways! 

Mall blessing was last May 12, 2016 and we opened May 13, 2016. 

A big thank you to everyone who helped us set this up!

We hope to see you soon!

Wanted: Printers!

Please share with those who might be interested in working with us.  Thank you!

Thursday, June 09, 2016

Woodsy Giveaway

***** We've got a winner!  We used a random number generator and the winner is.....

LAYLI RAYOS!  Congratulations and thank you to everyone who joined! *****

Introducing our Woodsy Collection by Robert Alejandro.  Birds of the same feather fly into our shops this month, probably to escape from the rains.  They carry a distinctive look - that of distressed wood, and yet they are not made of wood, but resin.

Though the collection comes with more than the pieces featured here, we are offering you the chance to win this set.  It will already make your living area all the more elegant.

This style goes well in diverse types of interiors and they never go out of style.  The aged finish gives the feel of an antique treasure.

Pile on top of old books and metal finds.  This will be a charming addition to any garden too!

How to join?  Read on...


1. Comment below by completing this sentence:  
"I like papemelroti because _____________ ".  (Comment only once please.)

2. Share this contest with at least 1 other person.  You may use the Share Buttons below or even just by word of mouth and encourage them to join too!

That's it!

We will raffle off the comments at the end of the June 2016.

We hope you enjoy joining this contest.  Come visit us at to see more products.


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