Bhutan Art by Robert Alejandro

by - 2:34 PM

Robert Alejandro makes every journey beautiful.  Every swirl and swish of his brush produces something amazing.

Since his Bhutan trip last April, he's been bringing out some treasured pieces of the workshop bit by bit.  We wanted you to see our favorites.

This is one trip you don't have to buy tickets for.  Just sit back and relax and scroll over Robert's creations.

Robert's art materials are usually ones he can bring with him anywhere.  Whether it's a meeting in Manila or abroad, he never leaves home without his set of pens and brushes.

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  1. Really wonderful artwork! I'm a fan.

  2. These are so pretty!

  3. CJ Aberin5:28 PM

    Easily amazed just by glancing thru the photos! ������

  4. These are cool artworks!


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