Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Vintage Finds Giveaway

Congratulations to Dr. Rodolfo C. Tongson of La Union
for winning this contest!

Thank you so much to everyone who joined. We hope you had fun and
see you again at our next giveaway!

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 

Don't you just love how vintage things never get old but just get better with time?  They're age-old classics that remind one of the graceful passage of the yesteryears.

We love vintage too!  We want to give some of our newest vintage items this month to a lucky winner!

Here's a close up of what's up for grabs!

Fancy setting your jewelry on this mini dress form?

Keep your treasured baubles in this beautiful jewelry box!

Don't forget the art of letter writing and note-taking with these earth-friendly notepads.

And there's a whole lot more prizes in the pack!!!


1. Go to the Quiz here

2. Answer the 2 questions (multiple choice).  Then you're done!

3. Check back after the contest ends on 5pm of September 26, 2017.

Note: Please only submit 1 entry so that you won't be disqualified.  

Don't forget to share this to friends and family too!

A Treat for your Grandparents

Grandparents' Day is just a few days away!  On September 11, we get to celebrate the grandest people around, our Grandparents!

If you still have your Lolo or Lola around, you are so blessed indeed!  You can spend the day appreciating them.  We are here to help!  These printables can be used to decorate your home and to give as a gift, a card to your grandparent.

These are all original content designed by local Papemelroti artists, just for your grandparent!

Just print and use!

Make a mobile to hang in your Lola's room!  Just right-click to save the images below and then print and string together.



Frame and mount the following designs for your wall or insert into a picture frame as room decor!

Note: All of the above designs are for personal use only.

We wish you a wonderful time with your beloved grandparents!  Each precious moment with them is a gift to be treasured always!

And to all of you grandparents reading this, a most happy and blessed Grandparents' Day!

Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Kindness in Bloom Photo Contest


We have a winner!

Congratulations to Ira Francheska Abrenica for having the most popular photo of a Papemelroti notebook!

"Thank you so much Papemelroti for the awesome prizes. 
This means so much to me. Another addition to my arts and crafts collection.
It is my pleasure to be part of your 50th anniversary-Kindness in Bloom Photo contest.
I really admire your products for its creativity and eco-friendly."

-Ira Francheska Abrenica


Got some Papemelroti photos in your home, in your bag, in your office?  Take a photo and upload on our photo page to show them off!

Win a pretty pack of Papemelroti's newest items if you have the photo with the most l‪ikes! Hurry there's a limit to how many photos we will be accepting!
Take a nice photo of any of your Papemelroti items. Add some style by placing it beside some flowers or even outside in nature! Let your creativity take over! They'll get you more votes!!!

Once you've uploaded your photo, let your friends know! Let them vote for you!
The most votes and nods from our team of judges will get you your pretty prize pack!!!

How to Join:

Upload only 1 picture.

Winners will be selected based on how many people vote on an uploaded photo and then Ranked by the Contest Owner.

So get your cameras out and shoot a photo that highlights the theme.. This contest is not about clicking the best photo but about bringing out the theme and getting people to like your photo and improve your chances to win...

Get your friends to like your photo. Please make note that the winner is primarily based on Ranking by the Page Owner or the Contest Moderator. The number of votes on photo will improve your chances to be Ranked a Winner.

All images submitted must be the work of the individual submitting them.

Sorry, mobile entries are not allowed.  The app only works on desktop devices (computers and laptops).  Please bear with us.

Enter the Facebook link here 

See more photos of what you can win below!

Last day for entries is on August 28. 2017.

You may also join our contest on Instagram.  The exact same prizes are up for grab there too this month of August!

Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Carton Community

Wyeth Promil Gold Four now showcases the whimsical talent of Papemelroti artist Robert Alejandro.

Everything is so much more fun with Robert around!  His designs on the carton will allow for a DIY toy for your child!

We know that when one makes their own toys, fonder memories are manufactured!  Papemelroti owners and artists like Robert grew up making their own playthings.

Now your child can also grow his creativity even more with this fun and easy project!

"Soooooooo happy!  My drawings on the Promil Gold Four packaging 🙂  Make a community with a museum, school, bookshop, library, vegetable market!  Free Crayola building blocks too!  Big thank you Wyeth!!!!!!" Robert says.

When you buy this high quality milk, you get the project free!

The community buildings are so charmingly presented that this project will be a nice decoration for your home as well!

Here are the delightful village dwellers!

We hope you have the most fun with this carton community!  Take some pictures of your village and send your pictures to us so we can share it with the world!

To know more about Robert check out his work here.

Tuesday, August 01, 2017

Get Crafty Contest


Congratulations to Newzuell Maglangit Uncad from Imus, Cavite!
"I already received the prizes and I love it so much !!!  Thank you so much Papemelroti!  Woop! HAHAHA. Thank you so much Papemelroti for picking me as a winner! I'm having a lot of fun with these because I'm a big fan of Papemelroti's products!!!! I'm really surprised that I won since it was my first time joining in an online contest. Thank you Papemelroti! with these, I'll be able to do more cool creative stuff.  Thank you and God Bless!" said Newzuell.

Thank you everyone who joined the contest!
Please join our August contest!


Dear Crafters!

We've got something for you!  We've got just what you need!  We know you love calligraphy and decorating your own stuff with your personal style.  We know you love the environment so you buy recycled paper that is unbleached (and doesn't spew harsh chemicals into the air).  We know you love freebies and giveaways so here it is - just for you!

Get a load of these beautiful products!  They're all aimed at sparking more creativity into your projects!

Did you see the rubber stamp set?  You could do a lot with those!  They have classic elements that you can use as borders and fillers.

Love!  Love!  Love these prizes!  Get the chance to win it by doing some simple tasks.  The more you do, the better!

How to join:

Do as many tasks on the Rafflecopter below.

Wait for our e-mail and answer quickly. 
(We will need to pick another winner if we don't get a reply within 3 days)

We will pick the winners on July 26, 2017!

Open worldwide!

We are also giving away another set on our Instagram page!  You can join that as well!

Half Price Sale!

This August, watch out for these items 


At these branches, you can get these items at 50% off!

They are all HALF PRICE!

Don't miss these Sale dates!

Watch out for more schedules coming soon!


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