Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Vintage Finds Giveaway

Congratulations to Dr. Rodolfo C. Tongson of La Union
for winning this contest!

Thank you so much to everyone who joined. We hope you had fun and
see you again at our next giveaway!

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Don't you just love how vintage things never get old but just get better with time?  They're age-old classics that remind one of the graceful passage of the yesteryears.

We love vintage too!  We want to give some of our newest vintage items this month to a lucky winner!

Here's a close up of what's up for grabs!

Fancy setting your jewelry on this mini dress form?

Keep your treasured baubles in this beautiful jewelry box!

Don't forget the art of letter writing and note-taking with these earth-friendly notepads.

And there's a whole lot more prizes in the pack!!!


1. Go to the Quiz here

2. Answer the 2 questions (multiple choice).  Then you're done!

3. Check back after the contest ends on 5pm of September 26, 2017.

Note: Please only submit 1 entry so that you won't be disqualified.  

Don't forget to share this to friends and family too!

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  1. Wala po bang nanalo? Heeh - Anna Mae DC,


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