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Make a DIY Puzzle for Valentines

Valentine's Day is the perfect time to celebrate the gift of each other.  It's a once-a-year opportunity to get as mushy as can be in expressing our feelings for the special people in our lives.

Here's a DIY activity not just for couples but for friends and families as well!

This can be an after dinner activity! You can print a whole bunch of puzzles and make one for each of you to make - the first person who finishes can get the first bite of dessert!

DIY Puzzle Instructions

What you need:

Thick paper

To Make:

  1. Download the file here.

  2. Print on the thick paper.

  3. Cut the jigsaw pieces.

Pressed for time, you can also make the jigsaw puzzle using your computer!  No cutting involved!

preview36 piecePuzzle

So we know you guys are the creative types who want to use your own designs and photos for everything.  So YES you can also make your own puzzle via Jigsaw Planet by uploading your image.  You can choose the level of difficulty, number of pieces, even the shape of your puzzle pieces!

Have fun!

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