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"I can't draw.  I can't paint.  I can't craft."

Turn your can'ts into CANS!  You can!  And you can enjoy creating!

We at papemelroti want your "creativity muscle" to grow stronger everyday as we know that the more you create, the more you become happy!

"True happiness comes from the joy of deeds well done, the zest of creating things new. "

Here are only some of the products that we have made available for you at the workshop.  They are ready to make on your own or with a group.  You may choose to do these projects at the workshop or purchase to do at home!

These produce charming, delightful, and unique items that you can make for yourself or as a personalised gift for a loved one.  A one of a kind product, made with care - is a far greater gift than most anything a person can receive.  So craft away!

Painted Fan Kit
Only ₱145 per fan
(includes borrower's fee and all materials needed including paint)

Imagine how a friend would react with her name painted on this fan!  Every time it is hot, she will remember the giver who created something heartfelt.

Photo Buntings Set
Only ₱90

A great decoration project for your room!  Brighten and lighten up every corner with this cute bunting.  All you need to do is insert photos and string up using the clothespins and twine.  We have other sizes available here.

Planner Notebook
Only ₱60 each

Write your schedules on these easy to use handy planners.  Color of the cover is grass green.

Black Notebooks
Only ₱49 each

Write white on black pages for an instantly stylish look.  These are great for journaling or for art projects.  Metallic pens are great to use on these.

Baby Party Photo Set
Only ₱120 each

Time passes all too quickly for parents who delight in their children.  Give your child a month by month documentation and let this be used as room decoration or for a party.  These beautifully cut kraft brown paper is also suitable for crafts, scrapbooks and stationery.

Get these products and more when you visit!

Why not spend some time at the papemelroti Artisan's Workshop and create something new for you and a friend?

Choose from many different projects.
Walk-ins are welcome.

papemelroti Artisan's Workshop
2nd Floor, papemelroti Main Branch
Korben Place
91 A. Roces Avenue corner Scout Tobias St.
Quezon City, Metro Manila 

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