Trinket Boxes

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Featuring our new Vintage-themed Metal Trinket Boxes!

Discover another way to pretty up your life.  Use these to store little jewelry, or charms.  Perfect for craft material storage such as beads.  Beautiful just on its own as decoration on your rings or even little mints.

Original papemelroti designs perfectly adorn these little containers.  These have inspirational messages that keep you going strong through the day.  Great for keeping fresh as each has a mirror.

This glass bottom case is just a dreamy way to store your little buttons, earrings, powder puffs and favorite keepsakes.

The herbs on these box covers were hand-drawn by papemelroti artist Calej.  They blend in well with the timeless, classic vintage look.
Not just your average run-of-the-mill pillbox, this doubles up as a vanity mirror and makeup case.  You can use this for travel as a case for breath mints or vitamins.  The flat shape is easy to pack away.

The possibilities are endless with what you can put inside this multi-purpose item.

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